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Canberra: Creative City or Hit and Miss?

Canberra, it’s Australia’s capital city, full of cultural and educational institutions and architectural innovations but also home to a giant owl and a sky whale among other divisive art installations. 277 more words


Failed cities

Cities are more important than states. My local newspaper “De Volkskrant”  wrote earlier this week about a visit of our Amsterdam mayor, Eberhard van der Laan, to New York and San Francisco. 667 more words

Creative Cities


The Trans Siberia crosses the river Kama in Perm. This huge river grants the region access to the Baltic, the Black and the Caspian Sea. Combined with the iron and copper ore that is found in the Ural mountains it’s not surprising that Perm has always been important as an industrial centre. 952 more words

Creative Cities

Fatal attraction

Most of my blogs are about attraction. What makes a city attractive, what makes a project attractive. What can we – working in cities and projects – do to accomplish that attraction? 438 more words

Creative Cities

Burning The Forest For A Few Special Trees

Pratt’s article from the readings this week is quite important in explaining the issues associated with the seemingly never-ending race of cities, particularly in the western world, to be the most ‘creative’, the most ‘diverse’, and have the most ‘culture’. 280 more words


Creative Cities Need The Creative Class

The concept of creative industries has developed considerable academic and policy momentum in the 21st century. Renewed interest in creativity has coincided with what Allen Scott (2008) refers to as the resurgence of cities. 425 more words

Pop culture vs. traditional news

Has there ever been a time where you have been in a public space – such as a city – and an event has occurred around you? 400 more words