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Parks in the Ruhr area

Eight park managers from different cities around Moscow joined me on a trip to see some parks. We decided to go to the Ruhr area first. 522 more words

Creative Cities

# 14.22 Innovation in creative cities: Evidence from British small firms

Neil Lee and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose


Creative cities are seen as important sites for the generation of new ideas, products and processes. Yet, beyond case studies of a few high-profile cities, there is little empirical evidence on the link between local creative industries concentration and innovation. 97 more words


Do artists live dangerously?

The authors of The Art of Living Dangerously – a group of performing art practitioners – highlight in what they call a ‘provocation paper’ the fact that too much focus in the new economy debate is given on art and culture’s benefits at the expense of a broader understanding of what artists do, their role and their relationship in the community life. 202 more words

Activist Art

The value of what?

This will appear a little off topic but bear with me…

Last week the Banksy arrest media hoax of the renowned street artist and political activist caused uproar on social media. 235 more words

Creative Cities

The artist and the city

Let’s talk about Melbourne. What a better place to visit and experience artistic creativity than the city of Melbourne laneways?

What was originally considered a form of vandalism – penalized by the city council – is now contributing to a vibrant urban cultural environment as the graffiti have morphed into… 207 more words

Creative Cities

Creative cities, privilege of the privileged?


Since the 1990s art and culture are being valued as contributors to model economic growth. The increased importance of culture for the city image, cultural tourism and urban regeneration is part of the talk of creative cities and the idea of the creative class put forward by American urban studies theorist… 216 more words

Precarious Work