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Yahoo and Flickr reverse decision to sell Creative Commons photos

Flickr has pulled a 180 and decided not to use Creative Commons-licensed images to create posters it planned to sell to consumers. It has removed some 50 million images from the “Wall Art” program as a result, … 382 more words


Flickr Wall Art 相片掛畫服務異動

很抱歉,我們讓一些 Flickr 好朋友失望了。

一個多月前,我們推出 Flickr Wall Art 相片掛畫印製服務,讓會員把相片印成能掛在牆上的畫框。過去幾周以來,我們在社群與許多地方收到很多反應意見,其中有些朋友對於新推出的相片市集非常興奮,也期待它能帶來的價值;但也有不少人認為將創用CC授權相片納入,並不符合創用CC與社群分享的精神。

我們聽到並且理解大家的關切,以符合社群分享與貢獻的精神行事,也一直是我們的準則。基於各方意見,我們初步決定將創用CC授權相片自 Flickr Wall Art 相片庫中移除,即日起立即生效。在此之前以創用CC相片印製的本服務所有銷售訂單,我們也將退費給購買者。


Flickr Wall Art 相片掛畫服務將會繼續運作,但不再以創用CC授權相片印製。各位可以選擇自己拍攝的相片,以及已經加入Flickr市集的授權攝影作品,來印製 Flickr Wall Art 相片掛畫。如果你也想讓自己的作品出現在Flickr市集,可在這裡登錄,如果你的作品確實適合的話,編輯團隊將會與你連繫。


Bernardo Hernandez
Flickr 副總裁


Flickr Removes Creative Commons Images From Its Wall Art Program Following Backlash

Last month, Flickr expanded its Wall Art print service to include images from the photo-sharing site’s professional artists as well as images licensed for commercial use through… 320 more words


Flickr kills sale of Creative Commons prints, issues refunds

Flickr has abruptly ended a service that allowed people to buy canvas or wood prints based on pictures that appeared in its Creative Commons gallery, the photo sharing site announced on Thursday. 338 more words

An Update on Flickr Wall Art

We’re sorry we let some of you down.

About a month ago, we introduced Flickr Wall Art to allow our members to order printed photos on wood or canvas. 265 more words


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