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Creative Commons y la nueva relación de los creadores con sus creaciones

A partir de ahora, todo el contenido del blog que sea de mi autoría va a pasar a estar bajo una licencia de Creative Commons. 136 more words

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

One of our aims here at the Sound Crowd is to offer alternatives to the often unsympathetic world of copyright. Fortunately, we are not alone in our desire for a system of intellectual property management that reflects the actual workings of the digital world. 410 more words

Lawrence Lessig

Why Saueressen? EF Schumacher

My last post in the Why Saueressen? category was fairly personal.  In contrast, this post explores some of the more technical questions, such as:

Why Saueressen?

Progress Update #1 - Edict Zero

I said I would toss up another post about the progress of Edict Zero’s return, so here it is. There has been a lot of script reworking going on, mindful of not just of the next episode itself but of the totality of the series and where it’s headed. 256 more words

Audio Drama

Silas Reemerges, Sends Valentine to Bash Quandry

Silas Moone, former Waterbank News reporter embedded with Gold Team One, has been quiet for some time, traveling the galaxy as a delivery jockey for 8 Star Company. 321 more words


NIN's Ghosts I-IV: Haunted Music with No Parameters

Here’s a throwback to 2008. Nine Inch Nails released an album under a Creative Commons license, originally intending it to be a short EP but ending up with 36 unplanned instrumental tracks. 310 more words

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