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Get Better Acquainted with Your Devil

I don’t follow astrology, but occasionally a friend sends me a link to particularly interesting horoscope of mine, such as this one:

“My definition of a devil is a god who has not been recognized,” said mythologist Joseph Campbell. 496 more words



So this is me.  This blog, or journal as I prefer to call it, contain my musings about everything I could possibly muse, enthuse, bitch or moan about… 898 more words


The fiery Volcano within and without

In the highlands near our biggest glacier in Iceland, Vatnajökull, a volcano erupts in Holuhraun, since September 2. 2014. Our wild and beautiful Mother land lets her fire out and makes a way for the new, a new earth and the new lava makes a new landscape. 252 more words


Stories and Writing and Books - OH MY!

I openly admit that summer is my most favorite season. I love being outside, I love nurturing my garden, and I love taking my laptop out to my patio to work. 507 more words


DIY Face Cleanser, Scrub and Facial Masks

This post is dedicated to my dearest and youngest sister Siri. With two kids and a busy job, she has managed to shed down a lot of extra weight just because of her sheer determination and will. 1,219 more words

Creative Energy

Must Paint

I think this is pretty typical of creatives, so I know I’m not alone in my absurdities. There are times, which feel mostly random, when I cannot function with any sort of productivity because I’m distracted by the urge to make something. 412 more words


Almost time for.....

Goodbye SUMMER….

S is for Sleeping—I can not tell you how I am going to miss staying up until midnight and sleeping in until 9am..it’s one of my favorite times of the day…lying silently in bed listening to the “nothing” that surrounds me.   208 more words