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Frozen Trust

The berry branch was locked in ice, frozen solid.

A trip to the Midwest taught me more lessons about what extreme cold can and does do, locking nature down in layers upon layers of ice and snow, trapped until the warmth of the sun releases it to grow anew. 217 more words


The Twelve Days of Writing

I thought for a bit of holiday fun, I’d play with an old holiday classic. The Twelve Days of Writing to the popular tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas. 82 more words


Itching to Stitch - Part II

It took months to locate the materials for our wedding tapestry. During that period between the completion of the final design and the day that my specially ordered wool arrived, it never really occurred to me just how monumental a project this really is. 781 more words


What do we look like to you?

We see energy – we see the bright light of souls, sometimes dimmer, sometimes so big and luminous, pulsing, flickering, living, breathing, vibrating beings of light.  401 more words


Artist Creates Amazing Doodles Of Animals That Explode With Energy

Philippines-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes doesn’t merely doodle in his Moleskine sketchbook. He creates imaginative works of art, often inspired by animals, that are infused with creative energy. 68 more words


Elements of Creativity / image from imgur.com

Creativity is an important issue to artists these days but I don’t feel concerned about being creative or being “original”. It’s so simple when you see it broken down like this. 299 more words


Planning your dreams

I thought it was time to follow up on my at present dead idea of a guest-blog. =)  I guess that’s what happens when an idea comes from you head more than from you heart. 299 more words