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What am I doing with my photography

Your angle or your vision, what you see and what other people don’t .. Because they can’t compose with their eye like you or because simply they are not there to see … So if something is beautiful or interesting or ugly or terrible, to capture it gives you the ability to show it to others right then (digitally) or fifty years from now even. 311 more words


Awesome Photoshop Images

Some photographers find Photoshop a necessary evil, a tool which has to be used to clean up images and no more. Swiss Photographer John Wilhelm does not think this way…… he sees Photoshop as a way to create images with endless imagination and we think they are awesome.



Meet Luna :)   Luna is my new baby, a 7-month old Nebelung type kitten. We’ve had her now 2 months and she’s such a sweetie. 81 more words


All For One And One For All

Thank you for your continued support of this Chic.Geek.Unique. photography blog.  Going forward, I will be keeping all posts on my personal blog, Great Notts.  Since my photography and my personal life tend to be one and the same, it just makes sense to do it this way.   11 more words

Creative Images