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Bowls, bowls, bowls...

Here’s a little poem I wrote quite a few years back for a friend who had this fascination with a particular “bowl” back then. :-P… 126 more words

Rambling Thoughts

Music for the soul

Work has been really crazy these last few weeks. It was so bad on one particular day that I really felt like screaming coz of something that happened that day, but I stopped myself from screaming coz’ someone wise advised me to close my eyes, turn on some music, so that I could calm myself down a bit. 86 more words

Rambling Thoughts

Finding a Cure for my Ailment

I have arrived at a conclusion. Dwelling on negatives is far easier than dwelling on positives. Why is that?

I found myself in a place where I was going over and over things that made me unhappy both in the present and past and predicting negative outcomes in the future. 445 more words



Loads of stuff have been happening this year. With some of them come questions, not just one or two or three questions, but lots. Well, some I’ve found answers to, while a couple of them still have gigantic question marks stuck to them. 81 more words

Life In Transition

Not Looking Forward to the Holidays?

Believe it or not, the holidays are actually theĀ least favorite time of year for aboutĀ 10-20% of Americans, according to FamilyDoctor.org. Just like birthdays, anniversaries and other significant dates, “the holidays,” can mean a (long) period of time that makes people want to crawl in their shell, for a few weeks, until a week or two after New Year’s. 334 more words

Human Nature+


I had some time this morning to complete a poem I was working on recently. It really feels good to have gotten my grove back. Looking forward to writing more pieces in the future! 105 more words

Rambling Thoughts

Trick or Treat Costume: Luke Skywalker

Lucas’ school hosted a costume party and Trick or Treat before they had their school break mid-November. I was determined to have something extra nice for him because the past three Halloweens he had weren’t so successful. 249 more words

Creative Juices