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was my grandfather a highway robber?

Let’s go on a voyage of discovery to the land of the Hutsuls. It would be a great place to fall in love and find a husband.  1,233 more words


A surplus.

Thinking about reincarnation, I worry about the potential surplus of consciousness.

blunt (adj).

I love you, and I want to love you more, and always. Do you love me?

The Word Project.

Sit with the Dead

“I don’t think she’s breathing!”

It had been the dining room before they had installed the hospice bed, had scurried in with the paraphernalia of a sick room, had hoisted a dying woman carefully but without ceremony onto the sheets and covered her in blankets. 1,604 more words


out of the mines and into the woods


My great-grandfather Antal, born in 1850, was Barbara’s great-grandson and my grandma Erzsebet’s father.  Antal’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather had all been salt miners in the small salt mining town in the hills of Maramures county.   1,790 more words


satiate (v).

Here is what I want: not lavish things. I want to quit meeting dreams with a heavy sigh and all of this pausing, and I want to build, I want to play, I want to try.   44 more words

The Word Project.