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We're old yesterday, young today

Tonight, the moon hides. My hands are cold. The shadow of the old acacia tree looms over my own as I sit on top of our stone fence—ah, but how do I know that my shadow is there and not someplace else? 532 more words



I see the train passing from this balcony where I stand with bare feet,
I wonder how many travelers pass as I do.
I wonder if I’m just some bourgeois phony- 134 more words


Chatty Cathy-Tuesday Daily Post

I wish she would shut the fuck up. Eight hours of this? Monosyllabic, Judy. Do not encourage her. Space and quiet is all I want, not this intimate contact with this stranger on this flight telling me all about her previous trips to Paris. 10 more words

Creative Non-Fiction

The Creative Power of Memory by Shelagh Plunkett

“— but there’s one great advantage in it, that one’s memory works both ways.” — the White Queen, Through the Looking-Glass

I’m a writer of literary non-fiction…

693 more words

Traveling (Social Commentary)

Traveling through airports is always an interesting experiment in examining social class and racial and ethnic diversity. Airports remain one of the few places where people of all ages, races, and social classes are brought together for a common purpose–travelling. 407 more words


Lessons of Stability

Stability thrives on foundation. And stability, by itself, provides us with an emotional component that is hard to ignore.

The sight of an old tree often draws me to it. 714 more words


A Perception

I can never really tire of my weekend journeys home. For me, these journeys are moments of creativity. I love the early morning landscape. It is as if the sun rays gently undrape the blanket of mist that covers a sleepy earth, slowly waking up to the warmth of the sun, basking in its golden rays. 546 more words