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The warmest place in my memory

There are days when I think of Arashiyama. The water was warm as I stepped in, toes slipping on mossy rocks. I waded deeper, dodging boulders, my blue shirt floating around me. 250 more words

Creative Non-fiction

Tar stained eyelashes

There were many years when my pillow cases were stained black
Oil spilled onto a white ocean
Off of my tar stained eyelashes
Sticking together from the slime of aged lies and destruction… 73 more words


I am a self-starting problem solver

1. Stay very still so they don’t smell your fear.
2. Kiss them firmly on the lips.
3. Split a beer and minimum chips with a friend. 9 more words

Happy Historical Thanksgiving!

When I was 7 or so, my dad, who worked at the University of Denver, went to a library sale and came home with a gift for me. 1,056 more words

Daily Prompt

The Time When Andy Dick Tried to Get in My Parked Toyota Prius

I think he thought it was a taxi.

I guess that also means that he thought I was a taxi driver.

Apparently this happens a lot in Los Angeles – not people mistaking Toyota Priuses for taxis – Andy Dick trying to get in people’s cars. 49 more words

Female Comedy Writer

Burnside burning ferguson

It’s the time of night in Portland where fingerless glove fumble with torches to light a single flame of a cigarette
Where neon lights argue on shadows outside of mcdonalds parking lots… 186 more words


And the Dynamite Goes Thbbbb

My last poetry workshop for the year at the college bombed horribly. Oh god, did they hate my work. It’s frustrating to see a semester’s worth of work be panned so hard. 261 more words

Life Lessons