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Real Life

I remotely relate to other stories about the complicated, messy, heart-warming and heart-wrenching process of losing a much-loved parent.

I watched a movie about a guy who couldn’t see eye-to-eye with his stubborn father. 802 more words


A boring story we have all heard before.

A male passenger in a white van stuck his head out of the window and yelled. At me. I was walking down the street, nearly home after a long day at work when they drove by. 942 more words


Typing Quietly on an Old, Cheap, Keyboard

I cannot sleep.  This is not an explanation for late night posting or a definition of the moment, but a truism.  I am not a true sufferer.  443 more words

Revenge on lit. mags

I’ve been meaning to send something to Brick magazine for a while. They’re exclusively a creative non-fiction journal, which is great because guess what? I write creative non-fiction too! 192 more words


The chop and the not-chop

It is possible, I’m reliably informed by the academics and the School for Practical Philosophy, to spend your life in a state of higher consciousness. That is, to spend all your waking hours connected, in the moment, alive and vital, and aware of the underlying unity of all things, the commonality of all things. 999 more words

The Snowball Porcupine Super Bowl Prediction Is In

And the prediction is in!

The snowball porcupine was given the casting vote for the super bowl. It is the second year in a row. Let’s see how his predictions go.

A Boy Named Butthead

I got a call from Butthead the other day.  He saw my mom in the old home town and asked for my cell number.  Thirty-five years have passed since we last spoke, the time when we crossed the stage as Sylacauga High School graduates.  670 more words

Life In Alabama