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Recently, I’ve begun writing flash creative nonfiction and essays to further examine my experience of living in Vietnam for two years. Below is a selection of recently published work online: 43 more words

Our Adventures With Harry

Disclaimer: This is a piece of creative nonfiction. It takes place from 2008 to 2011 and reflects the feelings and events of that time. It was written in mid-2011. 1,153 more words

Creative Nonfiction

On Being a Fat Food Blogger

When Dominik and I decided to start Writers for Dinner, I was afraid it was a terrible idea. Not because so many folks who set out to blog do so without thinking about how much work it is. 930 more words


WFD: Summer Tour 2014 Kickstarter

Dominik and I started Writers for Dinner because we both know how important community is to the writing process. As a translator, Dominik works intimately with the work of other writers. 496 more words


Day 13

Franz Josef, New Zealand

Dedication is the Franz Josef Glacier site workers who re-cut the ice steps every morning.

With a stitch in my side, I look out over the river and its crying cliff-faces. 245 more words

Creative Nonfiction

WFD: Liz Prato

So, I cheated a little bit in my dinner with Liz. Instead of cooking for her–which would have been hard to do from my hotel room, although it was a very cute hotel room and did have a little kitchen in it, so perhaps I should have given it the old college try–I let her take me out to dinner at… 464 more words


What's with House Parties?

I’d never seen my husband so close to punching another person until the night the Mexican version of Saturday Night Live’s Drunk Uncle asked if I wanted to bang. 154 more words

Creative Nonfiction