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The Spectacle of US

No, don’t you talk to me, don’t you talk to me about

my… yes, that,

I will laugh into the dark pudding from where you cut out the shape of me e e… 107 more words


NaNoWriMo: My Short Story "Three Years" Part I

National Novel Writing Month starts this weekend. Here’s a taste of what I will be writing.

This coming month I’ll be participating in the National Novel Writing Month. 1,331 more words

Georgetown Prep

Books and Cigarettes

Roman gets my phone number off an application for employment at the West Portal Bookshop in San Francisco. I imagine him taking my application off the stack and going to stand outside in the grey with his ankle showing tight black pants, jacket and long black hair. 650 more words


Call Me Slacker

It was three days ago that I promised to “get cracking.” Is that expression only found in certain parts of the country?

Anyway, I promised to respond to blog comments, to read other blogs, and I guess implicitly I promised to keep posting.   240 more words

Creative Nonfiction

Love Letter Manifesta

Up to this point, my experience as a creature on this fine planet has been a whirligig of emotions, peace-becoming-turmoil-becoming peace-becoming-turmoil. Erratic is a good word, one which I tangentially define as “of or relating to New England weather.” I have never seen a year without four distinct seasons, so the choice of whether or not to adapt–to new colors and patterns on the ground, and in the sky, and the new dispositions that accompany them–is not one that I have practiced making. 770 more words


Consider the Following

A few weeks ago, I was at the first meeting of a new club I had joined when I was approached by another girl: “I am so glad you’re here,” she said, “I was worried I was going to be the only white person!” 258 more words

Skyping with journalist Betty Ming Liu

I was very excited  journalist/blogger Betty Ming Liu was able to Skype visit my graduate Creative Nonfiction Workshop this week at UNCW! 291 more words

Asian Pacific American