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From Bored to Terrified

This is an excerpt from my newly finished book My Dad, Napoleon and Me, a creative nonfiction motivational  book. This is a fragment of the story “South China Sea,” illustrating one of the steps from Napoleon Hill’s  1,112 more words


The Whole Shebang

The Whole Shebang

One thing I’ve learned for certain being on Twitter is that reading your tweets aloud to people is as close to pointless as any human endeavor can get. 516 more words

Creative Nonfiction

Summer Contests

OK writers. Have you been scribbling tales on napkins at the beach this summer? Did any festivals inspire poetry within your breast? Would that camping trip make for a great creative non-fiction tale to share with the world? 362 more words


Mr. Hampa

As a student studying English, the one question that everyone tends to ask is: what are you going to do with it? Who are you going to be? 1,070 more words

An excerpt from my memoir: The Body Is A Storehouse

Francesco Signorelli’s The Damned

I knew something about demons. Barb, my grandmother, saw them everywhere and she called on her family to be vigilant. Transpose the letters in the word “Santa”, she said at Christmastime, and you’d find “Satan.” We did not worship Santa, she reminded us, because we did not worship Satan. 227 more words


Bar Tab

I guess that
That shit must have worked
Twenty years ago

The smell of young curled hair soft
So brownish long
No one asked questions in the club… 95 more words

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“Let’s run away to Italy,” you suggested. I laughed, but deep inside my thoughts, I considered it. That’s why you were so dangerous. You made me consider the thoughts of a madman.   337 more words

Creative Nonfiction