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Thank You!

Our Kickstarter is funded. It reached full funding last week, and I apologize that I’m just now posting this thank you. We spent much of that week trying to figure out what to say. 1,026 more words


Grandma's House

Strangers have invaded my memories. They have trespassed in a place that doesn’t belong to them; at least that is what my heart tells me. I cannot resent them for this because they don’t know what they are doing. 676 more words

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Letter to Me

Dear Megan,

Hey, it’s you!  No, I mean it’s literally you. You are twenty now, writing yourself a letter. So I guess you can say that you’re four years wiser now. 1,086 more words

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I Am a Traveler

I like to travel. Actually, my whole family does.   We would take two weeks every summer to simply drive and see where we ended up. Of course, we had a general plan on where we were headed but our trips were a bit spontaneous as well. 867 more words

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The field below

I’m sitting at the glass balcony
and the sky
is filling high tide
with copper
and lilacs.

Small kids wear blue
oversized football helmets
and run in synchronized patterns… 24 more words


"Walking on Water" Published in "The Mill" 2014 (Baldwin Wallace University)

Walking On Water

           In the summer of 2013, I was 44 years old. I feel like myself only in summer, the kind of person who is miserable for the long Cleveland months when the temperature is below, say, 64 degrees. 2,762 more words

Blog #8: Alone

Today I walked along the seashore. I was by myself, but I wasn’t alone. I was kept company, as I always am, by the ghosts of the past ten years of my life. 511 more words