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Ancestors From Hamilton

Here is this month’s work, getting ready for show opening in Hamilton in two weeks. These are my ancestors, looking pretty good. Two farmers, a surgeon, an engineer—so liberal, wise and optimistic. 71 more words

Dreary is the NIght

I moan with the settling in

of my bones

and the sound of it awakens a memory

from some place and time that I am… 68 more words



Its 9:37pm and I’m currently slugging my fat ass through the dimly lit streets, my feet slapping against the sidewalk in a pitiful display I’m trying to pass off as running. 424 more words


Like Drinking Spiked Cider

Ketel One Martini, Extra Dirty.

I met Daragh the first time I walked into Grafton Street. I was with four of my close friends, huddled in a corner high-top, ordering mixed drinks from a pretty brunette waitress. 1,564 more words


The Backporch Sessions

November 16th, 2013

This story isn’t about me.

It isn’t mine.

It’s mine to tell.

But it isn’t mine.

September 18th, 2013

Luke Parker is average. 1,322 more words

Creative Nonfiction

44 Days of Education

It’s been 44 days since I’ve written something, and quite frankly, that’s a problem.

To be honest, 44 days where I didn’t write something out of my own pleasure. 1,031 more words

Why Everyone Is Listing Their Myers-Briggs on OkCupid

ENFP. INTP. XQRZ. That last one’s fake. The first two are possible results of the Myers-Briggs personality test, one which reduces the traits of the psyche developed by Carl Jung into sixteen possible personality types. 507 more words

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