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I swayed to and fro, to and fro about the hallway,

my stuffed gray rabbit tightly clutched in my trembling little hands.

The lights dimly lit from the downstairs taunting me, whispered to me, “Stay awake…”. 204 more words

Creative Nonfiction

My Father

My father’s family is a collection of sentiments and customs, laced together by sinewy muscle and brawn. They’re an odd assortment of souls, clashing and molding, complimenting and jutting against each another like the rise and fall of the tide. 1,003 more words


The Old Man At the Katipunan Footbridge

by Ysh Nacino

Everyday, without fail, I see the old man sitting at his usual spot, wearing the same clothes, holding the same shiny red guitar. 83 more words

Here Is A Book That Trolls The Bottom Of Amazon Ocean

It received one sour review ten years ago by a local guy who ran an appliance store. He was taking a class on novel writing at the city library and picked out my book to study the competition. 87 more words

A Tragic Dinner-Time Tale

“That’s fine,” he responded. Even over the phone, she could hear the disappointment in his voice.

She could have acquiesced, but she moved forward with her plan. 16 more words



I’m having a bad couple of days and I felt the need to write about this so please excuse its raw, unedited, and uncensored nature. I’m very unsure what the repercussions of posting this may be, so let me just say that you should read it only if you are comfortable with something that is is highly personal, and relative only to myself. 839 more words


The Dare That Gave Me Definition

My story starts about a decade ago when I was in 7th grade. You all may be wondering why I’m choosing to begin this reflection at such an unfortunate stage of life, but bear with me here. 799 more words

Creative Nonfiction