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Mind Scribble

This happens often-
These debates within

I walk and scribble upon my wall
I shrug to let no one know
One’s right, the other’s wrong


What Games Mean to Me #5 My Games Are Part of My Legacy

I would like to leave the world a better place then I found it. I could plant some trees, pick up litter on my way, donate to a nature preserve etc. 304 more words

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Be Bold

Never hesitate to trust your instincts as the Spirit leads you…

You will see beauty when trusting your instincts and acting on them. Never hesitate.
Yes! I'm Going There...

Strength in Prayer

“With all my heart I try to serve you; keep me from disobeying your commandments.”

Psalm 119:10

Find beauty in the strength that only God can give you.

What Games Mean to Me #4 Get Me Out of My Natural Shell

I know I have already said I am in introvert and that games are a social experience worth having.What I want to get across here is that even in a group of people I know, I say very little. 262 more words

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Is There a Designer in Every Gamer?

In episode 13 of the Whose Turn is it Podcast, the hosts were asking the question “is there was a designer in every gamer?” The hosts were of the mind that there is a designer in every gamer, but the guest, Ignacy¬†Trzewiczek, went so far as to say that most gamers are not qualified to design games and should not design games. 795 more words

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What Games Mean to Me #3 Social Experience Worth Having

I am an introvert and meeting new people is not an easy exercise for me. I have a problem with coming across as aloof and disinterested. 344 more words

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