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What Games Mean to Me #13 Help me Exercise

Before I got into game design, my daily routine was to wake up really early, go to work, drive home, lay down on the couch and nap until my wife got home, make dinner. 321 more words

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What Games Mean to Me #12 Help with Housework

Really, board games help keep my house cleaner than it normally would.

Stay with me, I will explain and it is quite simple.

I spend a lot of time working on game related content. 197 more words

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First Poetry Post

I am about to go crazy on my poetry posting. Over the next few days I am going to post all the poetry I have been working on over the last two months or so. 19 more words

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What Games Mean to Me #11 Gives Me Focus

Being part of the Millennial crowd, I have stereotypically little in the way of attention span. I was (and still am) a terrible student because school was boring on a scale of “there has to be a better way.” I took me into my late 20’s to get into reading books because I could not focus long enough to get into the story of a book. 219 more words

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What Games Mean to Me #10 Way to Make Friends

Twitter and Star Realms

The games universe I live in starts with Twitter and Star Realms. When we joined Twitter last year, I did not go into it thinking that I would start making, what is a good term, digital friends or maybe just friends by talking about board games online. 250 more words

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Here goes!

I’ve never done a blog before…well, nothing quite as personal as a page with my name at the top of it anyway! I’m desperate for a creative outlet at the moment so what better way to waffle on about my thoughts and views. 73 more words

The beginning.

2015 marks the beginning of Studio Wolken – a small knitwear company.

I’m still in the progress of setting up this creative outlet of mine. 35 more words