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Follow the Yarn Surprise Game

What a fun and easy game to set up! I took a long (very long) string of yarn (it was especially fun for the boys because it was multicolored and keep switching colors) and trailed it all around the house, even going upstairs. 59 more words

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Let it snow!

My boys have read about snow..sung songs about snow..but they had never seen snow. Not till a couple of days ago at least. So after days of singing about Santa dashing through the snow and Frosty the snowman my little guys actually got their first experience of “snow”. 184 more words

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The turtle igloo

It turns out that if you pack damp snow into a milk crate and drop it upside down, a snow brick pops out. If you then Make walls to defend yourself in an oval shape and throw a few logs across it is ready for the pre-made willow roof. 98 more words


Bath Snow!

I’ve been trying to come up with some fun new bath ideas (usually it’s just shaving cream) lately. One great idea that I found on… 175 more words

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Joy Dare :: Unframed Art

Unframed art is really prolific around here. There are stacks and stacks of the stuff everywhere you look. Messy art projects are not something I am naturally thankful for, but I’m trying to not let the chaos bother me, 126 more words


Water Absorption Science

Like our recent sink vs. float science activity, this one was incredibly easy to set up and do.

We set out a few different things like foil, wax paper, felt, paper towel, etc. 45 more words

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Five Gift Giving Guidelines for Grandparents

When my first grandson was born, my husband and I made a few decisions about selecting his (and future grandkids’) gifts. We didn’t want to load our grandkids up with a lot of stuff they didn’t need, or get in the habit of spending a lot of money on toys every time we got together. 997 more words

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