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Time and tide

Seashell unknown 3” by Wilfredor – Own work. Licensed under CC0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Time and tide, a mermaid’s song

The tides go out. 176 more words


Q: What's on the easel today?

A:  I am putting finishing touches on a small pastel painting called, “The Storyteller.”

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Creative Process

And the earthworms cannot breathe

I posted “Impatience” this time last year. It’s a poem about seeking goals. The first lines follow the hard work involved in working towards goals. 103 more words


A near proximity to the far off poem

I suspect that “Screens” is one of those atmospheric poems that evokes interesting images, but by the end of it the reader isn’t quite sure what it was all about. 210 more words

Creative Process

118A Creighton Avenue

Behind cardboard boxes,
I’m in the corner.
Leaning on a cushion,
I’m in the dark.
Potatoes are humming
rich smells from the oven.
Getting the girls to bed: 255 more words


Countdown to Cementa

Not that I’m counting, but I’m estimating it’s about seven months until Cementa 15 kicks off in Kandos. I’ve had a work in development since a three-month… 417 more words

Creative Process

Art, a Verb for Hard Times

During the last few weeks of what has—inaccurately—felt like unprecedented social, political, and moral turmoil on a global scale, I have found it difficult to stay focused on writing or writing about creative interests of any kind. 726 more words