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Just right – a poem about a cooking-pot

When baby bear had left home
and then had had a pot,
it would’ve been, I like to think,
like the silver one I did adopt

from outside someone’s wooden gate
in the back roads of North London. 344 more words

Waitrose has finished off two fairy cakes

At the bottom of my road is a lovely green space poetically known as Cherry Tree Wood. Like the promised verdant idyll of Heather Green (explored in my poem… 218 more words


Beautifully put together birds














Recycled” is one of my favourite poems for the tides it captures of creator-artist dancing with raw materials and the finished work. In this example the artist dances with the (helpful) sticks and the resulting beautiful bird sculptures. 177 more words


Trying to be a walking, talking, living doll

So, the walk I was working on for a several days wasn’t quite right.

As I previously wrote on this blog, I’ve been trying to create a stylised walk… 415 more words


For people who hate the idea of self promotion

It’s been awhile since I posted here. I have been writing- the intended outcome is a book, but I can’t quite get the words, ‘I’m writing a book’, out of my mouth at the moment. 632 more words


Letting go of shame-full beliefs...

A few weeks ago, our BUST circus intensive class did three public performances. This is how, in one sense, we brought BUST to a close. I’ve been blogging about the six-week experience throughout. 815 more words

You can be trained to walk perfectly poised in stilettos, says walking expert - High Heels Masterclass

I’ve been researching how the body moves when walking in high heels as part of the preparation for my solo show Bound Feet Blues. As I am performing the whole piece in bare feet, my aim is to give a flavour of the movements rather than walking in actual high heel shoes. 287 more words