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I just submitted two of my paintings to an open call for a local “abstract” show. Open calls always offer a good excuse to create something new and perhaps try a technique or subject out of my comfort zone. 149 more words


Easter People

Time to ask yourself:
What is my resurrection?
And rise to the day.


Live & Speak in the "As If"!

Think, act and speak what you want, not what you don’t want!

Here are some helpful statements as you pursue the “future you”:

I am a size ____ (the size you want to be)! 65 more words

Kathy Hornbuckle

Vietnam Jungle VII - X

Here we are approaching, not there yet, a bit too dark yet in the foreground and overall, but we are getting closer by a day methinks to finitti. 126 more words

Slow Spring

I look forward to spring and the lengthening of the daylight hours. Starting in March, I feel a creative surge that demands an outlet and when it’s available, my sap rises like in a tree ready to bloom.  220 more words

Art And Design

towards the mountain

This morning, I was trying to remember a quote (which I am now wondering if I completely imagined, but that’s a different matter) and I thought it might be tucked somewhere in the midst of Neil Gaiman’s “Make Good Art” speech. 108 more words

Bonus Post

Necessary Evil

By Christina Lay

Part of my morning, pre-writing routine is to read a poem. By doing this I hope to nudge my brain toward a more graceful, flowing state of being. 816 more words