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I feel this pain every day,

It doesn’t get any better,

It doesn’t go away,

Why can’t they fix me?

Will my life ever be real?
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Your time has come,

Do not despair, 

For everyone the clock stops,

And comes the death stare,

Do not dwell on death,

Live your life, do not just exist,
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When you are broken and kicked whilst you are down, when those around you have walked away. Do not give up, do not let them win. 85 more words

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There comes a point in your life where you reach a crossroads. The best thing to do when reaching this point is to build a wall behind you. 26 more words

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I would go on.

The breeze may dishevel my hair, the sand may enter my shoes, I would still go on.

The water from the sea would splash in my face and my make up would be smudged, but I would still go on. 215 more words


Delusional World

It must be a scary place inside your head,

When you’re all alone and go to bed,

You live in a delusional world, detached from reality,
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Move on

Live your life,

Just let me be,

I’ve had enough pain,

I want to be free,

When you wake in the morning,

I hope you can smile,
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