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Poetry Month Celebration Day 18

I cannot be the first to make this comparison, but I try to do it in my way. In the past our “betters” have held information from us to keep us ignorant. 255 more words

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Winn the Great

A kid who could draw a perfect circle free-hand on a chalkboard deserved better.  But we were bad and he was good, so he pulled it out for everyone to see. 373 more words

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Running (Haiku)

I feel like running
Running away from numbers
Running to be free

(c) Deborah Tekler / Soul Impulse


The Writer's Notebook

Next to writing materials, a writer’s most important tool is the writer’s notebook.

It helps you with your writing. It is a lot of fun. And it can even enrich your whole life…

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That Feeling

That feeling
that feeling of helplessness
of locking a door,
of building a wall,
of not being able to remove it,
of not being able to let it down, 83 more words

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#NaPoWriMo2014 Day 24 "Revisiting Anna"

I awake in a building surrounded
by serfs to spoons and idolaters to
their ecstasy. The gallant grey walls of
apartment 124 wither a-
mongst the white window panes. 641 more words

Daily Updates

Some six-word stories...

  1. Wanted: One new daddy.
    Apply immediately.
  2. Bee sting. Wedding reception becomes wake.
  3. Late getting home. Puppy. Uh oh.
  4. Cold beer. Back seat. Shotgun wedding.
  5. Bad night. Relationship over. Happy ending.
Short Stories