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Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

I haven’t done a photo challenge in a while so I thought I would start to get caught up. Check out my submission for relic. When was the last time you saw a turn table? 886 more words

Daily Updates

This is Damn Important

Here we are with another happy Friday upon us, dear followers. Here’s a quote:

“Never use the word, ‘very.’ It is the weakest word in the English language; doesn’t mean anything. 37 more words


Character Development: The Back Alley

Crystal Vicott is a 30-something journalist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her boss, Matthew, calls her a wild child given her passion for travel, her propensity for appalling language, and her trigger hair temper. 234 more words


Turtleberry's Belief System

I believe in dragons and fairies.

I believe in unicorns and demons.

I believe in omens and signs.

I believe that what you want is most often exactly what you need because sometimes what you need is to know that everything that you want isn’t good for you. 508 more words

Creative Writing

bounty (n).

When I find myself feeling poor – of riches, of strength, of spirit – I have started to whisper this gently: what within myself do I have to give to today? 10 more words

The Word Project.



from myself

as fast as I can

before it catches me

the sadness

out of breath

bones breaking



you can stop


Creative Writing

July 21, 2014 - Word Prompt: Tick

Word Prompt: Tick
Dialogue Flex: “Come on, check it out!”
Using the provided snippet of dialogue, explore what comes to mind, be it a scene, a thought, or something else. 854 more words

Creative Writing