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A New Direction...

Sebastian sat back in his chair and frowned as he read the latest email from Rupert Etherington-Smythe regarding important changes to the Mogwash pantomime script. 314 more words

Creative Writing

My heart wrote some words.

Maybe we will

Maybe we will find time
in our busy days to sit on the
couch and eat chips and smile
and oh, just smile for me, baby. 183 more words

Creative Writing

A Beaver Tale



   Joy (my digital music composition)

   Intelligent, ingenious, and industrious, families of Beavers and their resourceful creations of houses and dams have often appeared along the way in my life’s journey. 406 more words

Digital Music

ALS and the Ice Bucket Challenge

I don’t understand all the hostility towards the ice bucket challenge. It’s about raising awareness and money. I read that 23 million has been raised so far and awareness about ALS has certainly increased. 465 more words



“In Betweeners” Volume 16

Paint my portrait

In a fairy tale frame

Give me golden locks and rosy cheeks

A broad toothed grin

Clothe me in chiffon and crinoline… 25 more words



So that I will not disturb you
while you sleep
someplace else,
I could not sleep
for remembering.

I send you telepathic messages;
I talk softly to myself… 65 more words

Creative Writing