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Keep The Creativity Alive!

It’s true.

 Sometimes a novel just needs to be left alone for a while. There are times when a story just doesn’t click and you must put it to the side and work on something new. 206 more words


Teen Age Idol

Who did I idolize as a teenager?  I gave myself sixty-seconds to think about it and concluded that the better question is who didn’t I idolize as a teenager… 121 more words

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Section 33 bobs in the breeze


“Ah well’, said Vernon, “back to the frivolity that is the Beliefs and Values department; do’s and don’ts and death. 70 more words

Creative Writing

A giant smoulders, rubbing shoulders

with former lackeys locked in no longer

Toil and trouble

round road-block braziers

Lick-spits and Spartans feign rekindle that flame… 102 more words

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The Lament of the Existing

It’s been awhile! (A week) I’ve been busy, but here’s a solemn, reflective piece of the lonely. The picture is taken from Kuroshitsuji manga cover and does not belong to me. 368 more words

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Poetry Month Celebration Day 18

I cannot be the first to make this comparison, but I try to do it in my way. In the past our “betters” have held information from us to keep us ignorant. 255 more words

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Winn the Great

A kid who could draw a perfect circle free-hand on a chalkboard deserved better.  But we were bad and he was good, so he pulled it out for everyone to see. 373 more words

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