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Getting Things Done

As my followers (few tho they be) have probably noticed, I am not posting as frequently as in the past, or as I would like.  Because I am too fucking busy Getting Things Done (the AmeriCorps motto). 961 more words


SUBMISSIONS CALL: Majestic Weirdo Circus

Deadline 31st October for this anthology, which calls for work that is ‘alternative with an attitude’. Published by Burning Eye Books, who focus mainly on performance poetry and want to prove it works just as well on the page. 8 more words

Creative Writing

Promises I Couldn't Keep

In the dark of the night
when others sleep,

I prowl–

driven from the safety
of my lair by apparitions
of regrets–

the streets of a strange city, 44 more words

Creative Writing

Creative Writing using Classics

My husband and I always get into some interesting conversations, and that’s when I have some of my best ideas. Yesterday we were talking about my son. 657 more words


A Daughter, forgotten

I woke up at 5 am today. Couldn’t go back to sleep. Couldn’t stop thinking about my mother. I went to see her yesterday. She’s in the late stages of Alzheimer’s and now has brain cancer. 417 more words

Creative Writing

An Ocean For Your Thoughts

I can’t exactly explain what I feel when I watch the ocean.

It makes me feel so small, so alone, yet so important in the strangest way. 96 more words

Creative Writing

nonsense (n).

In this strange season I have found myself in a foreign land. I have been trying to get my footing, but the ground tilts just so, back and forth. 257 more words

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