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Section 28 and somebody’s late…

“Sunday morning was beautiful. After a breakfast of croissants and coffee, outside on his worn and patchy decking, tamed and mollified by the sun, Vernon prepared to meet his maker. 69 more words

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Jane & Fred

Jane hurled clothes from their closet onto the bed in sheer frustration and Fred wisely said nothing as he dodged the outfits hurtling toward him.  He watched as random weekend wear piled on the bed, what was an unorganized random collection of clothes clearly had a purpose for Jane.  He could hear her muttering under her breath but wisely decided to keep his mouth shut. 569 more words

Short Story

Dragon’s Head Village: Crispin & Arsenic Reach Accord, part 2

Arsenic tried very hard to not shiver, it was humiliating enough he was huddling next to Crispin for warmth.  Arsenic was wise enough to know that a little humiliation was better than freezing to death by the seaside.  Crispin was warm but if Arsenic held very still he could feel the slight shiver as it trembled through his body.  … 558 more words

Short Story

To the last love I let die; The excerpts #1

I see you in faded photographs

through glasses of wine

do you understand?

Your love is destroying me.

Do you understand this?

And I let you in… 58 more words

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Covers for a Novel

Yes, I’m sitting on three finished novels, and the only thing that’s keeping me from posting them on the Kindle Marketplace is that I can’t make a cover. 43 more words

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Friday Nite Poetry: Back in '94

I don’t miss my misspent youth, not really. There were some good times though and occasionally it is worth it take a little look back. I might have saved these poems for the Poetry Month Celebration, but it seems silly to not do Friday Nite Poetry as well as that, especially when I have two related poems. 412 more words

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When tears have dried
and words have flown
And all we were is dead and gone
We’re both apart but not alone