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The Pebble

Before my aging came to a complete halt, I was accustomed to bobbing on roads, being spun around by the tires grinding on the pavement, and soaring high when those big trucks hit me at just the right speed.   346 more words

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Second Chances

Prompt #12 from 642 things – You have just swallowed your pride and done something you didn’t want to do. Your friend wants to know why. 199 more words

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Her Cloudy Blue Eyes

I realized I was staring after I had been doing so for some time. I rarely notice anyone on the evening train but something about her held my eyes. 251 more words

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I have Delved...

Into the land of pintrest. By clicking THIS LINK, I have set myself up for my next writing prompts for a while to come. Now, I am still completely open and adoring the idea of suggestions from all of you, prompt ideas, or even just you selecting one of the prompts from the provided link. 193 more words


Body & Isn't

Bruce Covey

I have a hard time making my mind take place.
Every input adjusts the chemistry–water, peppermint stick, analogue.
Kisses are circles. With eyes closed, every taste buds almond orange.

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Underneath the Dust

This is an assignment I had to do for my Creative Writing class. The assignment was to describe a room, and through that description the reader must learn, assume or understand something about the character who inhabits the room but is absent in the piece. 542 more words



I’ll run the miles
with my eyes closed
arms braced
for the fall
as my legs
keep moving
one step
at a time