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wear protection

HER rejection

like armor



inevitable curse

without you

like a lost purse

fear rushes

she blushes

yet shut down


i’m okay.

calm… 20 more words

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Latest writing prompts now up!

Good morning, Write Edge readers! I’ve posted the latest writing prompts under consideration for next week’s short story. Curious about what prompt I might choose? … 12 more words

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Xi Chuan

I’m still making my way through Robert Hass’ What Light Can Do. This poem, My Grandma, by Chinese Xi Chuan is just incredible.

My grandma coughed, and woke one thousand roosters.

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Creative Writing


Barefoot on the cold tile
and still wet from the shower,
I stand before the mirror.

The price of beauty
is beyond my means.

I must raise the blades… 37 more words


Fiction: The Last Dinosaur

The Last Dinosaur

Sam looked out into the desert and sighed, “You know, sometimes I like to imagine what the last dinosaur must have been thinking.” 323 more words

Creative Writing

Ski Hill Rules

I was walking across the Cambie Street Bridge in the late-afternoon July sun, minding my own business when you came at me from behind. The handlebar in the middle of my back thrust an obscenity from my throat as I was shoved forward and your orange, fixed-gear bicycle tumbled through the air. 177 more words