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Reasons to be cheerful ...part 3, and 4

Section 134 feeling sunny and cooling down

Vernon woke up feeling pleased with himself. On reflection that in itself was remarkable, not just because he was by nature melancholic and pessimistic, but because his philosophical reading, tinged as it was with a curiosity about neuroscience, had alerted him to the observation made by Proust that awakening generally entails the gradual reassembly of self from the oblivion of sleep. 274 more words

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CREATIVE WRITING | Love the Sinner, hate the sin

The writing prompt, this week: -

999. Talk about a time in which religion seriously affected one of your relationships.

I'll say little about this piece other than to clarify with some sheepishness, that of all the posts I write each week, this 'Creative Writing' category tries me the most. 1,458 more words

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Piano Practice

Jessica’s little legs hung off the side of the hospital bed as she sat alone with her mother. Looking directly into her mother’s eyes, Jessica used all her energy to not cry and seemed unaware that her left heel rapidly tapped against the side of the bed. 318 more words

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Little Spiral

Sometimes getting back to reality is never the same. Nothing ever seems to be where you left it and nobody’s noticed.The world’s moved forward and you feel left behind. 61 more words


Old and Young...

In morning, he was reminiscing
The most cherished memories of life
The great olden days
Still alive in his life
The days of walking with all time friends… 187 more words
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Henry Miller’s 12 Commandments for Writers

1. Work on one thing at a time until finished.

2. Start no more new books, add no more new material to “Black Spring.”

3. Don’t be nervous. 108 more words

Dating Her Husband

“So what do you guys do for fun?”

I averted my eyes and played with my coffee cup. I always feel a bit uncomfortable when asked this question. 510 more words

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