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Chapter 2: The American Dog Epidemic

Look, I love dogs as much as the next person, but I have never been crazy about indoor dogs, mostly because they leave constant reminders of their presence. 902 more words

Creative Writing


It is mutiny
how you leave me breathless. Yet
I will surrender.

–a haiku on love.

Prose And Poetry

Scar Tissue - A Short Story in Three Installments


All eyes are fixed on me. Beginning with a quaky voice, I tell the story of the damaged furniture, more cases than ever on record in the history of the store. 1,205 more words


The Vital Second

Kenneth! You’ve lost it! Right at the vital second Dmitri was passing us the co-ordinates. Dam it man! Headquarters will have our guts for garters over this. 20 more words


No Mud–No Lotus

Have you ever wondered about the pain that you have endured in your life?  Why do some people suffer more than others?  Many people stumble blindly through their life without a glance at anyone else’s pain or sorrow.  264 more words


Checking Out, Checking In

Libraries, and books, have been my refuge as far back as I can remember.  My mother introduced me to both. She also taught me that escaping into books works when reality gets too hard to bear. 1,202 more words


I Really Don't Know How to Title This.... on Closure, etc.

There are lots of things in life that aren’t fun to deal with.

Spilling your coffee all over yourself when it’s barely 8 in the morning, for one. 503 more words