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Olive Rides Shotgun Home From Miss Iowa

Throughout the next several days, I saw barges on the Mississippi, a large confederate cemetery and about three nights too many of Miss America pageants. I was also called Clint several times. 1,014 more words

My Girlfriend's Parents And Their Crazy Dog

Baxter Noble

(Hey, lookit that– I actually put some writing on here.)

On an Unrelated Note


An hour from 11:00pm in Los Angeles, California, Baxter Noble will see the world in an entirely new way. 561 more words

Creative Writing

The Power of Selfishness

There is a power, a power so great, it takes hold of your heart, and then its too late.

It starts to define you, and take you away from what you once knew. 258 more words


Adding Colour To A First Draft

If you’re an aspiring writer then you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to information on how to write a first draft.  Understandably, because completing a first draft (or whatever you choose to call it) is the hard part of writing a novel. 520 more words


The Queen Mary Celeste

It was about four in the afternoon, mid July, with the sun casting sparkles on the wash and a clear outlook in a cloudless horizon. I was wearing my button-up beige uniform, lanyard swinging from my pocket, odd socks falling down beneath hoiked-up black slacks, knees shining with wear and tear, hair pulled into a tight bun and heavy foundation. 1,017 more words


Map of Memories: East Sooke Park-Vancouver Island

   “We’re going to see something unusual” I said as we started up the beckoning trail of new memories. The footpath through the wilderness to the seashore was taken straight from a children’s book of fairy tales. 442 more words

New Beginnings Part 3

You know how memories work, they never come out in the same order you filed them away in. The stories that follow are not chronological, I can’t remember the specific date, or even the month and thus, can only conjure up a vague idea as to when they actually occurred. 750 more words