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Spiral Haiku

Photograph taken yesterday 28.7.14 at Attingham Park, Shropshire

A growing comma
links invading lavender
with grassy text.

Sleeping Closets & Insomniac Hearts

Unpacked suitcases call to me
From closets still sleeping in silence
There’s a road out there waiting
Skies to be seen from watering eyes
Signs with “suggestions” to ignore… 33 more words

Creative Writing

How to make friends and influence people (Tales from Luddley-cum-Mogwash, part 2)

My newly acquired status as a forlorn, slightly crazed misfit with a bottle fixation, at last endeared me to the bosom of village life, and I became a prime candidate for Sebastian’s care in the community initiative – a vehicle for him to explore the potential creative diversity among the villagers of Luddley-cum-Mogwash. 229 more words


The book that got me thinking

If you asked me if there was a book that changed my way of thinking, my answer would be no, that was down to a major event in my early 30s.   799 more words

Creative Writing

Hide and Seek

“You can’t win a game if you’re so unimportant that no one notices that you’re playing”

William Horward, The Boy With No Shoes, pg67


Fiction: To Ten Eleven

To Ten Eleven

Ten to Eleven, while I commute,

I wonder if we should still be seeing each other.

I watch as my wrist feels heavier at ten, 292 more words

Creative Writing

"when the world ends" -dmb

if tonight was the night,

i wouldn’t hold back

i’d ask you to dinner

no reservations

toasting to our love

sharing truth

divinely connected

i’d pull you close… 23 more words

Creative Writing