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Scintillating Settings: Tip #2 for improving fictional spaces

Since I’ve been working intensively the last couple of weeks with my creative writing students on improving their approach to setting, I decided to share some of those thoughts on this blog. 550 more words

Kendra Kandlestar

Dave Learns the NBA Does Not Support Throwing Babies

“No, you can’t do that anymore,” Andrew said, left hand on his hip, right pointer finger raised and shaking back and forth. He was the sassiest ginger kid Dave had ever met, but god damn did he suck at basketball. 1,654 more words


Section 4 is at your door…

“Vernon remembered where he’d first encountered the ancient civilisations and kingdoms of the African continent. Upstairs! He ran up the stairs two at a time, tripping over Chucky the performing cat at the top of the stairs who promptly demonstrated the quickest means of getting to the bottom.” 22 more words

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There is something about heat, about sunlight, that is staggering after a long winter. After days and nights spent in the envelope of wool caps, thick sweaters, and English Breakfast tea. 464 more words

Father's Tears

Whether or not you celebrate Easter for the chocolate and the holiday ham, or whether you go to church and remember the resurrection of Jesus, one thing everyone can identify with is the pain of death especially for one you call, “son”. 589 more words

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Mass Murder Overture

I saved many things from the old world. Worthless money and my whore dresses, some rainy day drugs. No food in my house. There’s only a cellar filled with rotting wine and hoarded barrels of tobacco. 627 more words