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Lovely Day to Take the Boat Out. Wouldn't You Say?

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Write a scene on a boat. What kind is up to you and probably will vary depending on your story’s setting. But just to get you started I’ll give you a few things to consider. 164 more words

Creative Writing

Blink Chapter 3 (Part 2)

            Daniel woke in a cold sweat, his shirt clinging to the cave of his back.  He leaned over the side of the bed, trying to recollect his breath while rubbing his sweaty hands in the covers to dry them; the dream, still fresh in his mind, seemed so vivid.   3,969 more words

concerning brie

we sat on a blanket
and ate brie spread
thick on crackers
while laughing at
bad love poetry

watching bright
clouds on a sun
blessed sky… 28 more words

Along The Journey

Flash Fiction: Something Borrowed

Amelia Groves challenges us to write a 150-Word Story on ‘Something Borrowed’ that strangely has to reference a purchase. This is my take on the prompt. 215 more words


Dr. Cornelius Johnston -July, 30, 2014

I indeed believe in the splendor of the mind. A wondrous creation, it can do such great things. But, it can be a horrid thing.  303 more words



I would fend off time while holding you in my arms
As the dust,
Visible only in the rays of light that radiate down at an angle, 355 more words