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Smart Spiders

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie has some amazing writing prompts. This is a response to one of them.

Rachel was having fun crushing aluminum cans. She’d position one; examine it with a furrow between her wispy brows, and then leap. 437 more words


Live Novel-ing Update

After a first successful week, my live novel-ing project continues on!

Yes that’s right, the project where I let YOU watch live online as I write my novel: 656 more words

Creative Writing

Monday Tropes: Ostentatious Tower of Villains

For one reason or another, some villains just like to hole up in a giant, evil tower to do their dirty work, where everyone can see. 463 more words

Creative Writing

Celebrate World Book Night USA 4/23 and the Founding of Rome 4/21

What do April 21st and April 23rd have in common ?
The founding of Roma 4/21 and World Bookday USA 4/23
What do William Shakespeare Shelly, Byron, Keats, Chaucer, Browning, Gabriele D’Annunzio and Robert Underwood Johnson all have in common? 354 more words

Art & Poetry

Technological Existentialism

One of my earliest poems, previously published in Cafe Bellas Artes and The Valencian. I’ve revised it here into a haiku sequence.

Technological Existentialism

Wandering numbly:
hungrily yearning, needing 
sight recognition. 43 more words
American History And Culture

David Wright on Terrance Hayes’s “When the Neighbors Fight”

When the Neighbors Fight,

The trumpet’s mouth is apology.
…………We sit listening

To Kind of Blue. Miles Davis
…………Beat his wife. It hurts… 839 more words

#NicoleWrites - High and Dry

That bastard. He’d done it, again. She’d fallen for his lies, again. How could she be so stupid? She thought he’d grown out of this. This game. 615 more words

Short Story