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The Happiness Factory

Blue Moons hold the highest regard for new writing and new writers. So we’ve paired up with a young guy, Dylan James, in order to publish ‘The Happiness Factory’, a book he is writing in parts, and you will find it posted as it’s created in real time on here, and here: … 628 more words


Writing Lessons for the Budget Conscious

With a limited budget for my writing, I’m very careful about which resources I invest in. In my quest to constantly improve my writing, I’d… 351 more words

Melinda Friesen

~ Times Priceless Gifts ~

Another year marked

on the calendar

cake and candles

well wishers

pretty presents

a celebration of age

in a confetti of thought

unfurled, rapid

reminiscing yesteryear… 24 more words

Creative Writing


I am delicate satin between thumb and finger.

In the intricate dance of Spring, I am the forerunner.

We swirl in unison, my family and I, 48 more words

Creative Writing

Blind Lust

It comes and goes in waves,
A belief, a lust, that turned in to something twisted,
A kind of game she’s never tempted.
He calculates everything he has come to believe, 147 more words

Dawn's World


Shut my eyes to sleep

Asking if this is a dream

Or if I’m in hell.


I play dangerously this night

With the prospect of power

Hiding stars with my fingers

And galaxies with my hands.

Delusion never did anyone

Any favours.


… janina hope …

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