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The Sound of Silence

I sit here bathed in solitude and fish for a thought. Let the noisy silence of second hands and chirping birds lend me the inspiration needed to write. 179 more words


The Winter Dinner

Victoria dropped the sack of chicken feed when she saw the blood and feathers that littered the floor of the dingy coop. Dried corn flowed from the sack as she gaped at the crack in the door. 2,411 more words

Creative Writing

You Will Know

some things we will never understand
why we didn’t work out
why our parents divorced when they never fought
why your cat was killed by a car at 2 am… 83 more words

Blackout 32---"Two Horses Two Men" by Robert Wrigley

Originally appeared in In the Bank of Beautiful Sins (Penguin Books 1995)


Amelia (Short story)

It was a rundown piece of building which looked abandoned like the people who dwelt within. No one knew or seemed to care what happened to the helpless souls that lived there. 718 more words


Never by Name

“But, her head is on upside down.”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“How does that not matter?  In what way does that not matter?  Her head is on… 397 more words


What time's the bus come?

This is a flash fiction piece that I wrote a long time ago and has been lurking in the murky depths of my laptop’s endless folders and files very usefully labelled “sdfsd” so that I would continue to ignore it until I finally decided to clear up my stuff. 153 more words