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language of the soul

The little monkey chatters, confused amused,

Deep brown eyes, teeth grinning wide.

The child laughs arms outstretched -

In a moment of silence

Eyes, hands and hearts met. 7 more words

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Never the same river twice

You want a place you love to stay the same forever. You want the people to be there—the same. The coffee brewing in the kitchen–the same. 323 more words

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Swimming in air

She arrives exhausted just as the still moving earth turns from night to extract particles of light from a rising sun.

She rolls down the windows as she drives the last two miles through the still sleepy town. 104 more words

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20 Phrase Challenge-Phrase 3

Phrase 3: He who laughs last thinks slowest.

Laughter is the first to erupt from her lips. The others follow within seconds like a chorus of hyenas. 102 more words

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The Well

I’ve went to the well so many times,

But this time is different,

Cause the well went dry,

My pail of water shall not be filled, 91 more words

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The Pirates of Hardwood

Chapter One

“This town is so boring.” Rusty complained as he leaned against the counter at his father’s automotive and marine maintenance shop.

“Well, what do you expect? 769 more words