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It's a Heaven Beyond Comprehension

That’s why it’ll be
Like life where you don’t
Know what you got
Till it’s gone


Two Pages (Includes a NSFW excerpt)

Today, being a first draft, I tend to just go for it and work through the page count. When I am pursuing an idea, what fascinates me tends to be what sustains me. 538 more words


Tangling Ghosts

So much of life happens in our own individual heads,
And love is the nectar that sweetens and colors our worlds
And instead of your sweet… 45 more words


The Weight of Watching

In the distance, I watch
as leaves fall–
some still spring-green and fresh,
surely too new to drop away;
some turned crisp from
the heat of many sunny days. 24 more words

Creative Writing


“I want to get out of here,” you said. “I want to go somewhere nobody knows me.”

We were sitting in the silence of the doctor’s office when you started talking about all the things you had always wanted to do but never had the chance to. 661 more words


To keep, to break or to make the 'rules'... that is a question

What are the ‘rules’ of dissertation writing? They almost certainly differ between fields. In the visual arts, for example, a dissertation would almost certainly include text as well as images, textiles, design elements of a certain shape and form. 987 more words


Party Planning

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Throw a party for your character’s. If you need ideas on decorations to describe, food that would be served, or even what kind of party it would be hit up pinterest. 47 more words

Creative Writing