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New Wine Skins

I’ve up and left. I’m not coming back. I hated it there, now I want to be everywhere…in search of happiness.

Early this week, I decided to go away. 533 more words

10 Things I Learned During My First Day in Grad School

After a summer of anticipation, excitement, and anxiety, I finally began classes yesterday. I suppose this means that if there were ever any doubt before, I am most definitely a graduate student now. 1,961 more words

Little Cuts

this proud little home
bare ankles moving in
making it our own, jet-lagged
covered in sawdust
air mattress
giddy empty


the kitchen was perfect… 62 more words


The extent of the word NO.

Those that are adamant that there is NO God, are usually the same people that believe that there is:

  1. NO HOPE…
  4. 38 more words

two hundred thirty-six

she howls around corners down streets
and she finds her way into our home
outside she makes her presence known
we hear her and we feel her… 24 more words

365 Days Of Writing

Baby Shoes

Carolina lay on the rainbow-colored carpet, the bristles ticking her arms. Sunlight struck the light catcher hanging outside the window and sent a cascade of colored dots throughout the room: blue on the walls, red on the floor, green on the ceiling. 286 more words

Creative Writing

Untitled #1

The scent of nail polish flooded the room. A poster of Marlon Brando hung next to one of Jimi Hendrix. A bed rested on the right side of the room, underneath the window. 3,375 more words

Short Story