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#Nanowrimo worldbuilding and the new nations

As I expected, thinking about the New Nations of my cyberpunk novel has been the hardest part of my pre-National Novel Writing Month preparations. There is a lot that I could go over, and at the same time I don’t really have an urge to go over any of it. 2,175 more words

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Eighteen - An Open Letter to the Birthday Girl

Eighteen years ago, I gained a sister.

A brat who stole my teddies, tried to give me a concussion, and once as a toddler, refused to walk for two weeks because of a grazed knee. 207 more words


No One’s Child

When did I become no one’s child?

the route home should take 20 minutes; 50 have passed

behind me, school girls with rain soaked raven hair… 18 more words

Creative Writing

“I wish I could choose a career strictly out of love,
not having to worry about the stress of money or the pressures of this world.”



stitched along the pattern, no flourishes or deviations from given instruction. ousted by the crowd and submitting into silence. the key swallowed before the lock clicked shut. 128 more words

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A Cave Man

I wrote this story in February (22), 2010, as one of my Creative Writing tasks.

A Cave Man

Look at this strange cave man in this very age of earth. 769 more words

Short Stories


I love music I can hear in my stomach, beating through the leather seat of my car. Driving on rain ridden roads adorned with golden leaves, too many almost, left behind by the tree branches above. 107 more words