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Tom Bacterium Of Aquifer Union Local 847 Expresses His Thanks

Thank you human beings of New York, and all the rest of nature, for kicking the profiteers out!

Health & Safety Tip For Traveling

It’s been said the safest place to sit on the bus is at the back

but I think

the safest place to sit

is in the middle of that row of seats… 59 more words

Daily Post

Two Years and No Blood

when i see you i yell softly because i’m scared that if you hear me you will not want to listen.
two years and no blood where does that leave me? 310 more words

Creative Writing

The Torch

By Nancy Lynée Woo

For everyone who knew Markus

He had welcome mats for hundreds in there,
thousands even,
in that boundless room of his heart. 547 more words


December 19

A strange pull, now,
and emptier space–

no, loftier,
what the sunrise

lacks in warmth
it makes up for

in expansiveness.
All this time all… 75 more words

I'm a Phoenix

I refuse to be a wallflower.
An ignored echo in an asylum
that nurses rarely surrender their sighs to.
I want the bass of my voice to cause slackers’ 86 more words


Everyone's Derelict Emotional Silences

They are all sunken soil.
Over thinking between my two-selves.

Waste from oil sites stain my
cheeks. Along with the rust and waiting.

No space has been rented. 90 more words