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Haiku #20

She writes poetry

Like an angel from heaven

I melt like butter



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J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit

The Hobbit is one of the most amazing books. This book is amazing because it has more action than most books. Another reason it’s amazing is that it’s not boring than any other books. 47 more words

Creative Writting

Sucks to be You

Prozzak — Sucks to be You (Full): http://youtu.be/jlcYw3Pg4jY

As though taking 12 hours for Graduate School is not enough, my Gallbladder is acting up. I started the semester off spending 3 hours, last Saturday in the waiting room with my significant other. 416 more words


What is Friday Phrases?

Twitter aficionado I am decidedly not, but one of my favorite things about Twitter is the Friday microfiction game Friday Phrases. Anyone can participate by writing a 140 character (or less) story or poem, and if you’re feeling a bit stuck, there’s a weekly optional prompt. 629 more words


Ghost of Best Friends Past

I have trouble keeping close friends. Lately, I have been plagued by memories of old friends. Friendships that have disappated to “block” on Facebook due to me; my words, my mental state. 25 more words



Derelict House

Where we never met

Flowers for our debt

Sweet fragrance of regret

Close the door



The Best Broke Ass Christmas Ever

When I was a kid we got something in our stocking everyday till Christmas. Christmas was always a big deal full of gifts and lights. When you become an adult you realize that those big Christmases don’t come cheap. 535 more words