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Memories from occupy

Yesterday was a solemn reminder of what Occupy Wall st has become. Three years ago to the day a group of young idealist gathered in the Financial District of New York city to protest, to organize, to inform but most of all to try to work out a solution to all of the problems being plagued by society today. 419 more words

Creative Writting

Musical Muse Monday (Post!)

Only She Remains

(Song: A Great Big World, Say Something)

I waited for him – but he didn’t show.

Late again. Another excuse. He’s so creative with them too and in my desire for love, I pretend to believe him. 894 more words




Why do you do this to me?

You make me feel so happy

Just to make me feel sad?


You do this every time. 48 more words

Mind Play

Small, soft, rubber like,
Slowly reaching for the sky,
Widening as it slowly grows,
Till complete maturity is nigh.

Growing right up through its top, 98 more words


Dear 13/14 Year Old Self

Dear 13/14 year old self

Calm down. You feel ugly, you have braces, you’re too skinny, you have an opinion about everything, you know that you bound by too many rules and maybe once every week (or more) you wish you’d grow up faster. 540 more words



Her bedside manner had improved since the last time I saw her. I was still adjusting to the accent though. Two needles, a sore arm, and a dissatisfied look at my weight later I was very much ready to just go home. 495 more words


Boy your taste so bittersweet,
how did our hearts meet?

your love has me tangled around a vine,
just like the feeling i get with a sip of wine. 123 more words