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Why are you part of the positive thinking movement?

I was at the Brooklyn Rainbow gathering this Sunday, where a friend of mine asked why I chose to join the positive thinking movement. I’ve never really thought of myself as being part of any movement, but when considering some of my philosophies and opinions about life I suppose I could consider myself as being so. 256 more words

Creative Writting

Seeing Each Other For Who We Are

If we saw each other as the spiritual light beings that we are, and not for our temporary vehicle, which is the body, how different would things be? 551 more words

Creative Writting

My Summer #2

The sun was like fire

blazing on your skin

when you walk by the food court

your mouth will water

when you go ride the rides… 35 more words

Creative Writting

Oak Grove History #3

Oak Grove has many buildings.

Long ago there was just water

Oak Grove, there were  trees

bushes, and rocks.

volcanoes that exploded

everything was covered with dried up lava. 51 more words

Creative Writting

My Water trip #4

Osterville, Washington   #4

The sand felt soft

and rough,

the water like ice

against my legs.

My mom, my sister, and I

walked along the beach… 15 more words

Creative Writting

I was alone (#4)


I Was Alone


in the cold

dark night

and the flowing river

far below

Each wave

crashes over

each other

Rain begins to fall… 24 more words

Creative Writting

A World of Happily Ever After

I want a heart wrenching, tissue searching, soul gripping romance.

A book of love

First love.

Forbidden love.

Treasured love.

I want to escape in the passion. 113 more words