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Wishing Life Away

My imperfections glisten
Perhaps more than most
Ohh to fade in the darkness
Like spectors and ghosts

Spending our days longing for tommorow
Rose tinting are visions… 91 more words

Life Experience

Christmas Is The Best

Christmas is the best holiday because you get to spend time with family. Christmas is not all about presents; it’s about spending time with family and having fun. 54 more words

Creative Writting

Trapped in Depression

My depression is
setting in hard
I want to cry
but I can’t be weak
I want the tears
to be released
like a dam… 59 more words

Journal Entry

Freeee fly

What does it mean for you to be free?
When was the last time you really felt free…
Traveling. ..unraveling. ..flowing. ..glowing. ..allowing the universe to guide you to those magical places you have only imagined in your beautiful mind.. 142 more words

Creative Writting

Holographic b universe



There is no need for manipulation

Only resistance will mani-fest

This is just another test

So just take a deep breath and rest your mind… unwind… 490 more words

Creative Writting


Transcend into this moment with a pure heart…pure soul…pure thoughts. ..
Listen to your Intuition. ..it is within yourself that all of the answers lie to any questions that may arise! 90 more words

Creative Writting

Radical Awareness

Here’s something I love doing and I want to share with you. Take out some time today, no more than five minutes, just to breathe. Become conscious of your breath and your body: take in deliberate deep breaths, center yourself, become aware and present of your heart, mind and body. 587 more words

Creative Writting