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Raining beauty

Time to rain some beauty on others instead of pain.


Secret Fabula storytellers Adam Carr and Sarah Gail Luther

Secret Fabula Artist Profile: Adam Carr

Storyteller, neighborhood enthusiast and radio producer Adam Carr is never one to shy away from a good story. Adam has found himself behind the mic at an Ex Fabula storyslam or two and more recently at NEWaukee’s Night Market sharing… 239 more words

From "The Moral Dilemmas Of Narrative" a timely post on ethics and priniciples when writing about living subjects

The Moral Dilemmas Of Narrative | Gangrey.com.

A timely excerpt from Gangrey.com’s post of Bill Marvel’s book introduction:

“Compassion seems simple enough. It requires we be aware of our subjects’ feelings, that we write in a way that, if possible, minimizes their distress. 321 more words

Cherie Ann Turpin

Needs and Wants

I must have seen umpteen TV programs where people with opposing viewpoints sit down and try to talk about an issue. But what really happens is that each person brings their version of the ‘truth’ to the table with the goal of persuading the other person to accept it as gospel. 745 more words

Alternative Dispute Resolution

So today I woke up, not in the greatest of moods. I realized last night that the only form of income I have is coming to an end and that soon I will be moving on. 103 more words