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#82 Moldable, Flexible

Leaving home is not like leaving the nest
Because home is a state of mind.
You can’t measure the hope and love and warmth of a home by four walls. 72 more words


Leadership and Influence

Yesterday I met a friend for coffee that I have known for over 30 years. We worked together many years ago and as we reflected on our journey, we discussed people, specifically leaders we worked for, that had a positive impact on our lives. 243 more words


Coconut Chia Granola ~ Low Fat

Granola. Such a humble and often~overlooked breakfast ingredient. At least overlooked by me…until I found a brand of granola that I started buying weekly. Nature’s Path Coconut Chia Granola. 386 more words


#81 Home

The season can change
I’ll oscillate with it.

Old will become new
And eventually new becomes old.

I’ll progress,
Stand up and fall down.

It won’t be easy, 26 more words


Food experiment. Marzipan!

I’m a cook. I cook everyday. I uphold that female role, cook food for everyone. The husband cooks too, but only generally the yearly fried English breakfast or a holiday. 796 more words


#80 Discovery

Do what you love
For doing what you love will spiral out
It will resound, the happiness
You’ll feel.
There’s joy in waking up each day… 18 more words