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Sangria in the morning time

Christmas time in the Caribbean is like no other time anywhere else. The week coming up to Christmas is a time of smiles and “Merry Christmas” people you had never seen move fast, were now bustling up the street to buy gifts and new curtains and whatever niceties to pretty up for that special day, people whom you had never seen smile, were beaming and brimming with good cheer, enthusiastically patting you on the back and inquiring about your family. 149 more words


Daily Poem.

Todays poem I wrote a little after my dad past. I hope you like it.

Glass bottle falling to the floor, I wish I could stop myself, from drinking you till you are no more. 164 more words



Here is another one a tiny one but it’s still a favourite of mine.
Trickle down the spine.
Breathe a breath of light.
The shadows surround the broken walls. 37 more words



So I’m about to throw a load of Poetry your way, starting with this piece. Please let me know what you think.

Watch the wasteland that spreads like fire before our eyes, is it the same as before? 103 more words


Daily Poem.

Here is today’s poem for you :D.

She dies tonight I heard you say to the others.
She dies tonight
Like a death sentence you take my hand. 73 more words


Organs by Claire Greening

the reason I will never donate my organs

is because they contain something

more dangerous than any infection

I can feel it linger inside

like steam trapped underneath a lid… 68 more words


Avenue of Oblivion by Melissa Gowman

I am trapped in a small space

Between time and sound

Emotion and numbness

Memory and depression

Sickness and relapse

And within this small space… 113 more words