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Simply Rouge Excerpt!

It was the way he walked in that caught her eye. Like the slithering viper with a sensuous sway to his step, and with every inch he crossed the floor eyes sweeping about like the predator he was. 464 more words

First attempt at a 100 word story..

I thought this would be easy – ha! Famous last words. Flash fiction is hard.

Here goes…..

Title: #Trapped

The lift screeched before stopping dead between floors. 93 more words

#100 Happy Days

I don’t know who started the trend, but it began a while ago and slowly filled my Facebook feed. Each day for, you guessed it, 100 days, Facebook users are taking pictures of the little things that have made them happy. 161 more words



By Ira Kelson Hatfield

When I walked into my first creative writing class, I’m pretty sure I had an underlying belief that I’d already learned all there was to know about writing. 1,483 more words

Guest Blogger

15,000 Word itch

All of my stories reach about 15,000 words and then my passion disappears. I don’t seem to be able to get out of this habit. … 143 more words

The Hole in the Floor, Part II

The Hole in the Floor, Part II

Oh how perplexed Marvin Weatherby was, oh how very perplexed. Yes, yes, a hole opening in his mother’s shiny floor had been rather surprising. 2,052 more words


Everything You Want

Smashing beers

like no tomorrow

I think

that you think of me.

I am

avoiding you,


the chemistry,

smiling through

the chinking glasses of cheers. 227 more words