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Novel Thought #5

“Why so blue fella?  You got something on your mind?  Why don’t you tell old Barney?”

“Listen Barn— ”  Barney cuts me off.

“Now I know sometimes things look down don’t they?   417 more words

Justice for the 96

They wake up in the morning, ready to burst. Their excitement they cannot contain.
They put on their colors, their rituals complete. They want to start singing, but refrain. 355 more words

Heart to Heart


Heart to Heart, 

we met and bonded and became friends.

Heart to heart talks brought us closer,

vulnerability gave us a dear friend for life.  186 more words


Dan Moore on Finding His Ideas

When I tell people I write, I often find myself asked the dreaded question – where do you get your ideas? I find this a difficult question to answer, as I’m sure do most writers. 478 more words

Writer's Block


I was mainly using this blog to voice my opinions on MANY MANY MANY things


I have writer’s block

This happens often but it literally feels like I have hit a cement wall… 2,788 more words

Research for Creative Writing

The Writing Process: Research Video

I watched a video talking about the research process of creative writing.  There are two types of research.  There is library research, which is where you go to the library and learn about the topic.  541 more words

Cuckoo For Friday Fictioneers!

What a way to burn brain calories! I’m talking about Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers, a bit of treasure brought to my attention upon reading… 358 more words