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Day 29: [17 year old girl-woman sauntering to class, yes, sauntering]

Felicia moves her hips back and forth in a fluid, sensual motion. She does not know who is behind her, so she takes precautionary measures at all times. 35 more words


Real Life Midsummer

Real life midsummers eve, every eye driven to the wrong end. This love circle is quite the tangled weave, complicated ends in every bend. In love with loveless faces, their eyes drawn to other places.

150 more words

The Story of Daniel Medford: Jerzey Boi

The Story of Daniel Medford

Jerzey Boi


Eric Ameer

© 2014

The words upon the following pages within this book are fictional. Any resemblances of people, places, things, or events are coincidental. 5,406 more words


Bastard Love

At war with emotion, at peace with the stress. Through all the commotion, my heart was a mess. Battered and battled for love so divine. Only to find out, I fought for a swine.

200 more words

Stake Out

“It’s too cold for this,” Natalia whined, trying to avoid touching the metal arms of the rattan chair. Michael scowled at her.

“Can you at least try to look like you want to be here. 83 more words


Fact or Fiction?

1.4 Fact and Fiction


My entire body fell sore after a long day with meetings in, out, upstairs, downstairs, low stairs and finally no stairs. 99 more words