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Stuff Rare Says

“True Leaders harbor other potential leaders. Empower those who seek you out.”




I was told in heaven that life is amusing,
So I came with guts to drink and party.
But here the daily unbelievables get things confusing, 107 more words


Receding faces..

repetitions of a virtual painting

for free

in a drowning worksheet.

it’s the movement

of your stuttered tongue

of gagged swallows

Knife kisses on surrogate wounds… 29 more words

Objects In Mirror

The ambulance in the rear-view that makes you aware of
delicate bones & the crashing moments before flight.

You are too quick to find in there… 49 more words


Remembering Joanne Borgella ( Season 7 American Idol Contestant and Wilhelmina Model Diagnosed with Cancer ...Passes Away

Joanne Borgella, 32 Years Old, was diagnosed with Cancer in October 2013 and after recently battling with painful headaches was told the cancer had spread  It is never an easy pill to swallow when you know of someone who is facing a horrible illness, and it is even harder when you find out that this person so full of life, beautiful, talented and extremely optimistic about the outcome of the illness passes away. 603 more words

Ask B.Michavery/Founder


Because, darling, you are the subject of all my inked stories.

- a.l.


Wistful Thinking

Imagine how amazing life can feel (or be) with just one blanket and the right two arms wrapped tightly around you.

- a.l.