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Bus Captured by a Giganitc Snake - Painting - Zoo Ads

Is not a bus capured by an Anaconda or a Boa Is just a zoo ad..


The Mysteries of Everyday Life

Good afternoon, Calliope. I thought you might like to see my latest Sliding Otter Post.  


I’d rather be a dysfunctional soul than a well adjusted robot… 536 more words

Commonsense Wisdom

Bonding (a poem)

A beating heart made to cling

comfort warm silky, if but that proverbial hanger

enclosed by some fluff

a sock or synthetic fabric

a ribbon she wore in her hair… 141 more words


Chocolate Covered Pain

I ate a chocolate candy bar

and cried myself to sleep.

It wasn’t sweet enough to sooth this scar;

The pain’s pierced too deep.


The next morning, for breakfast, 125 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge - Fray

Some of my hand-dyed fabric – especially dyed for ‘fraying’ techniques!

Full details of the challenge are here, Chittle Chattle has one for you and so too does Just Snaps.


We Can't Be Anything We Want To Be

Or can we? I’ve heard that we can simply wish, and it will be possible all my life. Now it sounds like childlike magical thinking, and  I no longer believe that. 276 more words

Quotes From Better Writers