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Michille: Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a technique to boost creativity popularized by Alex Osborn in his 1948 book Your Creative Power. He held group-thinking sessions in his advertising agency and saw a significant improvement in the quantity and quality of ideas although some research has actually disproved the idea that group brainstorming generates more ideas than individuals working alone. 369 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

Yet another writing class...

Why is it that every time that I feel like my writing isn’t going well I think that I am going to somehow magically fix my manuscript by taking yet another writing class? 304 more words


Wordless Wednesday | 7-30-14

A bit of a beautiful building, ornate windows, ironwork, and all. Even blue sky and sunshine. Pura Vida! Photograph taken in Costa Rica.


Schools That Kill (Creativity)

Schools That Kill (Creativity) by Duane Sharrock

You’ve seen the TEDx video by Sir Ken Robinson:

There is so much wrong about this video, including the citations of research, but especially about what Ken Robinson claims about schools killing creativity. 963 more words


Ten Everyday Items for Creative Child's Play

It’s mid-summer. The kids are already tired of being home. As sad as it seems, media alternatives are filling the day. How do we get our kids to unplug from technology and plug into the creative play that they used to do so well when they were young? 722 more words


"Share your strengths, not your weaknesses."

I got this phrase on a Yogi Tea tab last week, and it got me thinking: obviously we don’t want to share our weaknesses, right? But let’s break it down. 808 more words


Comic Sans makes me feel Feelings

<rant>When I was 10, I was introduced to PowerPoint presentations. That was the year that my grandparents had a major anniversary and my dad, being the technical whiz of the family, made a presentation with images and music and best wishes for the happily long-married couple. 927 more words

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