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How Do You Make Something Creative and Cool?

How do you make something creative and cool?

I like seeing what people are doing with their creativity. Sites like This Is Colossal are a constant inspiration for what people can do. 278 more words


Everyone is Creative

I see people everyday who proclaim to not be creative. They can’t draw or play a musical instrument or write a story, and they will say “I’m just not a creative person.” If this sounds like you, I am going to hopefully change your way of thinking by the time I’m done here today. 472 more words


Using Three-Axis Moves for Motion Timelapse

This brief tutorial showcases how you can use the three axes of motion in your time-lapse shoots. Watch more athttp://www.lynda.com/Photography-Came….

You can catch Keith Kiska along with Rich Harrington and Ron Risman for a workshop on Timelapse photography in the… 271 more words


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A brief tutorial how you can use the three axes of motion in your time-lapse shoots....

Disconnect & Creativity

Metropolis life
Information addiction
Mental exhaustion

Far from media
Pockets of silence are found
Centeredness restored

Do you ever feel like you are addicted to information? 262 more words


How to Create a World

You start with nothing.

You’re sitting alone in the dark, thinking. Then from out of nowhere, there’s a brilliant flash of blinding interior light, a searing white-hot fire that consumes thought and vision. 740 more words


Crafting frenzy!

THIS is what is keeping me from blogging!
You see I feel this terrible GUILT that I just do not have the time at the moment to be catching up with everyone else’s blogs and if I myself write a blog then you lovely other bloggers who I am neglecting might comment and then I feel so bad that I am not reading YOURS. 410 more words

Life Experiences

Weekend Adventure

The week itself went by quickly.  Working always seems to make the week go by fast.  just Last Thursday my husband called me during my lunch. 506 more words