What If your latest off the wall idea actually succeeded?

So often when we have a light bulb moment / hare brained idea / I wonder if that could work type thought we immediately start thinking of the reasons why it won’t work. 146 more words

Questioning Quest

Brasil 2014, Football and Germany

July 14, 2014

Brasil 2014, Football and Germany

by Josh Hong@www.malaysiakini.com

I once saw a picture at the German National Museum of Contemporary History in Bonn, the capital of the former West Germany. 878 more words


Gotta' keep on learning

July 13, 2014

Schumpeternomics: Gotta’ keep on learning

by (Tan Sri) Dr. Lin See-Yan@www.thestar.com.my (07-12-14)

I JUST returned from the summer meeting of the board of governors (on which I am a long-standing member) and the board of trustees of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Makati, Manila. 1,290 more words


Creative Mondays: Why Creativity is Your Most Important Asset, 5 Reasons...

. Its God Given

We were all wired for creativity. As created beings, we were created to create!

This is an inherent gift in every human soul. 410 more words


Checking the Creative Pulse

In June, I spent a few days with some really hard-working graduate students.  They were involved in a rigorous, four-week course of study that included early morning classes, an all-afternoon seminar and mountains of reading, projects and papers to complete at night after the long day of intense focus.  909 more words

Don't create any Idea for Life, rather create better understanding towards life . . . .

Don’t create any idea for life, rather work towards increasing your understanding, so that you can smoothly flow through the situations of life.

The time we are born to this day, we have imagined many paths for our self, but life has its own way to take us to our journey. 1,581 more words


When you doubt Yourself, you doubt the Whole World . . . .

Remove the seed of doubt from within, and this earth & the people on this earth, will seem like a heaven. When a seed of doubt is removed trust moves in. 1,400 more words