What's the big deal about arts standards?

The Montana Arts Council, in partnership with the Montana Office of Public Instruction, will lead an upcoming statewide effort to revise the Montana Standards for Arts for K-12 public schools. 742 more words

7 Steps to develop Creative Leadership skills

By Somali K Chakrabarti

Creativity is a Leadership trait

‘Creative people are difficult to deal with!’
More often than not, this is the general perception about people with a creative bend of mind. 864 more words


Congratulations to the Winners of the Research Methods Division Awards!

We’re pleased to announce this year’s winners:

2014 Sage Publications/RMD Distinguished Career Award
Paul Spector

2014 Sage Publications/RMD/CARMA Early Career Achievement Award
Nathan Podsakoff… 86 more words


Curiosity – A VIP Pass To Creativity

This week I exercised my curiosity by immersing myself in Sydney’s coffee culture. In the process, I downed five litres of espresso, met a stack of office workers and now face caffeine withdrawal symptoms. 348 more words


What If your latest off the wall idea actually succeeded?

So often when we have a light bulb moment / hare brained idea / I wonder if that could work type thought we immediately start thinking of the reasons why it won’t work. 146 more words

Questioning Quest

Brasil 2014, Football and Germany

July 14, 2014

Brasil 2014, Football and Germany

by Josh Hong@www.malaysiakini.com

I once saw a picture at the German National Museum of Contemporary History in Bonn, the capital of the former West Germany. 878 more words


Gotta' keep on learning

July 13, 2014

Schumpeternomics: Gotta’ keep on learning

by (Tan Sri) Dr. Lin See-Yan@www.thestar.com.my (07-12-14)

I JUST returned from the summer meeting of the board of governors (on which I am a long-standing member) and the board of trustees of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Makati, Manila. 1,290 more words