Culture of Critique

This post follows from an Ignite talk I did this morning on a Culture of Critique and has been brewing for a while. My own reflections over the past 2 terms have now been influenced by my most recent read – … 947 more words

How good parenting skills translate to good leadership skills.

The following is a recent article I wrote with my friend and colleague, Yosef Meged

Supportive parenting study provides insight for a turbulent business environment… 843 more words

Creativity And Innovation

Announcing the 2013 Journal of Service Research Award Winners!

Congratulations to Crina O. Tarasi, Ruth N. Bolton, Anders Gustafsson and Beth A. Walker, winners of the 2013 Best Article Award from Journal of Service Research! 346 more words


The daily routines of creative minds

How do creative geniuses and brilliant intellectuals spend their typical workday?

If you’ve ever wondered how great writers, artists, philosophers, scientists and other creators of art and knowledge greet their mornings and beyond, … 386 more words


What's the big deal about arts standards?

The Montana Arts Council, in partnership with the Montana Office of Public Instruction, will lead an upcoming statewide effort to revise the Montana Standards for Arts for K-12 public schools. 742 more words

7 Steps to develop Creative Leadership skills

By Somali K Chakrabarti

Creativity is a Leadership trait

‘Creative people are difficult to deal with!’
More often than not, this is the general perception about people with a creative bend of mind. 864 more words


Don't Limit Yourself to Thinking Outside the Box

Think outside the box” – We hear this at least twice on an average day. Creativity and innovation is ingrained in our daily lives. 218 more words