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Feeling Inspired...

I had the pleasure of stumbling across a contributing writer for the New Yorker last night, Dani Shapiro. After reading her article about writing memoirs, I must admit that I am tempted to subscribe to the magazine simply to stay in touch with her writing. 468 more words

Mechanics and Imagination

Machines are unquestionably a monument to the minds of men in our modern day. They have allowed transportation to be a fraction of what it was, they have made home life more comfortable, and work more efficient. 633 more words


Flower Essence Feature: Madonna Lily

Flower Name: Madonna Lily (lilium candidum)

Color: White

We dwell in a culture that favors the masculine or yang energies of doing, outward achievement, action, productivity, reason, and independence—and we spend most of our lives bathed in this energy before becoming pregnant. 1,029 more words

Stunning art by Unsung Artists

All seen within an hour of walking around the beautiful streets of Brooklyn, New York.

Young artists hard at work, creating jaw-dropping beauty on huge walls, seemingly without any effort. 20 more words


Life Lessons (Masquerading as Art Lessons)

For a long while, I’ve been lost and confused about the seemingly opposite and nigh irreconcilable pull of both artless commerce and artful consciousness.

The mastery of life–which seems for all intents and purposes to be “making a living”–and the mastery of art looked like paths that diverged… 220 more words


Silhouette Sunset

I figured my first helpful post could cover my header photo. It’s nothing fabulous but it’s easy enough. 

Some info:

  • This was taken on my “Fancy Camera” (my Nikon D3200)
  • 314 more words

An Invitation to Creative Community

For a little over a year now, I have been on a journey. Surprising. Complex. Challenging.

It started with an invitation. My friend Elora Nicole… 506 more words