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The Book, a Relationship

There some books that never get over… there are some that never end.

You may stop reading, you may forget the book ever existed, but the moment you see that book somewhere, the chapters get fresh in your memory… 117 more words


Tuesday's Tip: 57 Angles, Tips, & Prompts for Writing Your Family History

Write Your Family History

If you’ve ever struggled with ways to turn your pedigree charts and research notes into a shareable, readable history for your family to enjoy, read on. 1,226 more words


The Artist within...

I was recently invited by Jutta Muller to join a group of artists/writers across the world, each Monday, to answer four distinct questions. In turn, I would invite other artists/writers to do the same, on their own blogs, the following week. 725 more words


Be Creative - September - Prompt 2

The exchanges are always a popular aspect of the Be Creative events. This time everyone will have the chance to participate – not just those on Facebook. 275 more words


Is Writing Like Painting?

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Is it fair to say a sentence is worth a thousand pictures? A paragraph? Surely a story is worth a thousand pictures. 355 more words

Personal Stories

26 Aug - Feeling Content vs. Constant Achievement

Could you be content with having really good memories and the knowledge that you did something amazing, or do you constantly need to be achieving something new to be happy?

304 more words
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