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A Portrait of the Artist as a (Still... Just) Young Man

Can carry on with radio production but it could continue being tough. It’s something that I am good at and experienced at. It’s one of the few things that I have really taken to a high standard and got critical acclaim for and it’s something which I should develop. 684 more words

Sticks and stones, I'll break your bones.

When we generate ripples on the surface of the ocean and people are afraid, it means only one thing. Those presently at the top are threatened by our presence. 72 more words


A Life in the Day

I wake up about midday. This is normal because of the drugs I take for my bipolar. I don’t think ‘bipolar’ exists. It’s more of a marketing term invented to flog pills. 427 more words

Be Creative - November - Prompt 12

Write a Haiku about being awake at night

Three lines – 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.

Write it in the group – in your journal – or on your blog. 12 more words


Inspiration: Made by Nature vs Made by Man

I’ve always been inspired by nature, wowed with wonder by mountains, oceans, trees, rolling hills, flowers and clouds. Basically, all things nature made. I stand in awe, completely washed over with wonder on top of a cliff and feel so connected with mother earth, with the world, and be one with everything. 465 more words

Soul Journey

Day 295 ~ Coming to a Close

I can feel this project coming to a close.

Other ideas are demanding attention.

Certainly this blog has been a fantastic project and I’m really glad I did it. 127 more words

Hero's Journey