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There's something out there - GS

Scene setting : Detective Frank Malone’s apartment

co-written with VunG.

Razrobackwriter:  Curiosity usually served a purpose in Tommy’s line of work, only this time his curious nature would get him the kind of reaction that made his face darken with a red hue to his cheeks. 1,266 more words


Potato Troll

In honor of all the mashed potatoes that you guys probably stuffed your face with yesterday, I have decided to finally introduce you to Potato Troll.   16 more words


Character Sheet for 3d Modeling Creature

Before I stared using character sheets in my modeling I would just have the ref on the side and try to ‘eye’ it. What was I thinking?!! 48 more words


Review: Laquatus's Champion

Draft Priority: 4

Impact: 4

Stack Status: 5
Stacker Pentecost


I don’t know how Laquatus’s Champion managed to get so swole, because I don’t know if his… uh… upper appendages are even able to carry weights and stuff the conventional way. 227 more words