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Review: Myojin of Infinite Rage

Draft Priority: 3

Impact: 4

Stack Status: 5
Must-have SON. There’s a lot of reasons for it, but a big one is that it’s pretty bad elsewhere. 241 more words


Review: Drogskol Reaver

Draft Priority: 4

Impact: 4

Stack Status: 4
Staple fo sho. I see this card played elsewhere and to better effect, but it needs specialized support. 303 more words



Skin Walking Lamprey
(Muraena pelle indutus), aka “Skinner”

Type: Misc. Paranormal
Origin: Unknown
Habitat: Dark shadowy areas near humans.
Range: Unknown
Frequency: Very Rare
Identification: 187 more words


Storm Smoother - small original character painting in acrylic on canvas

“Storm Smoother”
Acrylic paint on canvas.
This image is 4 inches wide, 5 inches tall, and about 3/4 inch thick.
It can be equipped with a sawtooth hanger or wire back, whichever is preferred. 42 more words


Creature improved

Made some improvements to the Creature i posted yesterday. I know it’s a crazy hair up there. It’s already gone 21,00,000 polygons so i may not texture it.