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Your First Credit Card

If you have never been in debt before or you are young, then getting a credit card can be hard. Strangely, lenders trust people who have been in debt and paid it back more than people who have never had any debt. 18 more words

Balance Transfers

What you need to know about the Heartbleed bug

NEW YORK (AP) – Millions of passwords, credit card numbers and other personal information may be at risk as a result of a major breakdown in Internet security revealed earlier this week. 417 more words


Alarming Web security flaw has exposed millions of passwords, credit-card numbers to theft risk

Michael Lewis,  the star.com

Internet security experts are urging Web users to change their online passwords after a vulnerability in widely used security software was disclosed.


Online Security Flaw Exposes Millions of Passwords

SAN FRANCISCO — An alarming lapse in Internet security has exposed millions of passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information to potential theft.

The breakdown revealed this week affects a widely used encryption technology that is supposed to protect online accounts for emails, instant messaging and a wide range of electronic commerce. 781 more words


New Types Of Credit Cards Aim To Block Thieves

DENVER (CBS4) – The Target security breach, and others just like it, sent people scrambling for new credit cards after they found theirs were used fraudulently. 385 more words