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8 Lessons Learned from the Credit Crisis

  1. Underwrite Your Own Risk. Don’t rely on rating agencies, other banks or any other third party. Models are a tool, not the decision maker.
  2. Make Loans That Can Be Repaid.
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Too loose? Too tight?

Has the government thrown the baby out with the bathwater? Every day we see qualified borrowers who don’t quite fit the new box that the government regulated onto lenders (QM), despite the borrower having a low LTVs and other compensating factors. 840 more words

Phil LaTessa

The Government sends mixed signals on access to credit

There is a concerted push by the government to ease up on credit to borrowers.  The government is concerned that lenders have gotten to strict in their lending and that has hurt the ability of individuals to get loans. 1,067 more words

Phil LaTessa

Why Do Investors Still Pay Attention to Dr Doom, Nouriel Roubini?

He has been bearish on the economy and the banking system since 2006.;He has consistently pronounced chaos and mayhem, and in so doing has become a media favorite. 458 more words