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Graphs at a glance: Is the national debt being paid off? Cameron says yes but the independent Office of Budget Responsibility says it is actually increasing!

We at Ripped-Off Britons don’t think much of politicians generally. But we try to give them the benefit of the doubt if we can.

When David Cameron, in his s… 369 more words

Budget Cuts

Graphs at a glance: Government increases the percentage of female police officers! By sacking male officers faster than they sack female officers!!

Question: How do you INCREASE the percentage of women in the police force while DECREASING the number of women in the police force?

Answer: You decrease the number of policeMEN faster than you decrease the number of policeWOMEN. 578 more words


Does Davos have the answers?

Is the World Economic Forum reacting to events rather than acting proactively again?

By Michelle Perry | Published 16:43, 24 January 12

This time last year as the world’s elite of politics, business and finance wended their way up into the Swiss mountains to the hill-top village of Davos, CFOWorld ran an article about what chief financial officers were expecting to find out from delegates of the World Economic Forum annual meeting. 354 more words


Graphs at a glance: ONS stats show 47% of those who graduated in the last 5 years are doing non-graduate jobs. The second biggest destination of new graduates in 2012 was catering, waiters, and bar staff.

Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures show a strong correlation between having a degree and being wealthy. However, ‘correlation’ does not prove ‘causation’. i.e. just because two things happen together doesn’t prove that they actually cause each other. 649 more words