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Nobody told me that my twenties would feel just as lost as I did in my mid-teens. Sure, I’ve made it through university and gotten the grade of my dreams, have a job that (just) pays the bills and am thinking about moving out, but like many people my age I can’t help feeling hard done by. 404 more words

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China in numbers: beans means trouble as commodity markets highlight rising credit risks | The Times

500,000 . . . is the total tonnage of soya bean cargoes on which Chinese importers have defaulted recently, unsettling markets already nervous about the world’s second biggest economy. 465 more words

China Alert

The American Dream, credit crunch and YOLO

I want to start this blog with a dream that most, if not all of us have (I believe you are in denial of you claim this doesn’t apply to you). 811 more words

Minimum Profit Margin A Good Idea?

I often hear people saying, “competition is good for the consumer.” But is it? Of course they’re talking about speeding up innovation and driving prices down. 780 more words


China's Regulators Show Their Nervousness About Real Estate Defaults

ALLOWING TWO REAL estate development firms to raise capital through private share placements hints at stress the property sector is putting on China’s shadow banking system. 348 more words


Illusion of Modern Banking System

Slavery never ended,it just changed its form. The myth of modern day banking system is so simple and in your face that it is hard to belive that the entire world had been fooled for over 80 years. 987 more words


Will economic recovery scupper Labour's chances?

“We’ve ended boom & bust.”

“The Chancellor has cut too far and too fast.”

“The economy is flat-lining.”

“The economic recovery is weak.”

“The economic recovery is unbalanced.” 626 more words

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