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How to Crush Debt (and Be on Your Way to Wealth)

The general idea of getting out of a hole would be to stop digging. I am going to repeat this: stop digging. I mean it. This definitely applies to the world of personal finance. 735 more words


Reduce Your Debt and Feel The Freedom

Many people I meet long to feel more financially secure. One of the best ways to do this is to be careful with debt. Read more tips below. 705 more words

Young Adults And Money

Who's Most Likely to Have Their Wages Garnished?

By Christine DiGangi

More than one in 10 workers ages 35 to 44 had their wages garnished in 2013, mostly for child support and consumer debt, according to a report from human resources management firm ADP. 611 more words


Do you remember your 1st savings account? Life was simple. There was only one account to track and only one statement to review. My how things have changed! 346 more words


The Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA): the Consumer Law Built to Protect

Simply owing money does not necessarily mean that a debt collector can legally collect it from you. That you actually borrowed the money is not as important as… 1,583 more words


3 Signs It's Time to Buy a New Car

By Gerri Detweiler

Are you holding onto an older car or truck, hoping to squeeze a few more months (or a few more thousand miles) out of it, all the while wondering whether it’s time to start shopping for a newer one? 775 more words


4 Things you Never Want to see on your credit report

by Erika Rawes

It’s tough to maintain excellent credit, especially when you have a lower income and a multitude of financial obligations. If you talk to people who have ever gotten themselves financially backed into a corner, many of them describe situations where they were forced to choose between a credit card bill or a bill to cover something essential for their survival, such as a power bill. 749 more words