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Positive Examples Of Powerful Women

One of the common threads I see across every segment of society is the dilemma of the less-monied spouse. That means one spouse, usually the woman, is dependent on her husband for basic needs like food and shelter. 331 more words

Judith Heft

5 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

Credit Scores range from 300 to 850.  A credit score of 760 or more is considered an excellent credit score.

Although you may be able to get a home loan with a credit score of less that 760, to get the best interest rate on your loan, you will need a credit score of 760 or more. 164 more words


Несколько правил чтобы улучшить свою кредитную историю и взять кредит!

Если у Вас плохая кредитная история, вы не сможете взять кредит или возьмете, но под очень большие проценты. Ниже мы рассмотрим несколько несложных действий, которые помогут вам восстановить вашу кредитную историю.

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Home Mortgages And What You Should Learn About Them

TIP! Begin getting ready for a home mortgage well in advance of your application. Get your financial business in order.

Do you wonder how you can afford to buy a house? 1,428 more words

Reverse Mortgages

Learn All You Need To About Home Mortgages Today!

TIP! Get your financial paperwork together before you go to your bank to talk about home mortgages. If you don’t bring all the right paperwork, the visit may be pointless. 1,374 more words

Reverse Mortgages

The Writer's Bare Necessities

Remember good ‘ole Baloo from Disney’s “The Jungle Book”?  He taught Mowgli about the bare necessities of how to live and survive in the jungle.  Many of us live in the urban jungle and have our own home-grown survival skills pretty much in place. 1,314 more words

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A Bad Credit history Rating Can Be A Good Thing

Can a bad credit report ranking conserve you from larger problems? Hasn’t already it done just that for numerous youths? I’ll explain exactly how with a couple real tales. 556 more words

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