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7 Ways to Begin Protecting Your Identity

Identity theft: By now most of us are aware of its destructive capabilities and potential long term impact on personal finances, credit scores, and good reputations. 265 more words


Debt Consolidation: The Best Article On The Topic Is Here

Are you drowning in debt and unsure as to how to get out of it? If so, you are like millions of other individuals, and the answer you are looking for might be as simple as consolidating your debt. 463 more words

Debt Consolidation

Get Help With Debt Consolidation Right Here

Debt isn’t funny. It is hard to deal with debt, and you may need a bit of assistance along the way. You should consider debt consolidation for your situation. 532 more words

Debt Consolidation

The Ins And Outs Of Doing Debt Consolidation

Do you understand what debt consolidation is? Do you know how it can help you to deal with all of the money you owe today? Do you want to learn more about how you can turn it into a solution to your problems? 461 more words

Debt Consolidation

Corporations pay $156 billion to know all kinds of private information about you

Members of Congress may face upset constituents at upcoming town hall meetings as the public learns about hundreds of secret data-collecting programs that are used by companies to size up and market to consumers. 187 more words

The Right To Privacy

Return of the Subprime Mortgage: A Horror Story!

We all know that subprime lending ruined the economy, right?

Well, yes.

Except that it didn’t, really.

Incorrectly and unethically practiced subprime lending contributed to the housing crash, certainly. 228 more words

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