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White House Gets It Wrong: Credit Monitoring Most Effective Tool for Detecting ID Theft, Not Credit Scores

The White House issued a press release commending the banks and credit unions that are giving away free FICO and VantageScore credit scores to their customers. 75 more words

Identity Theft

Should You Buy Your Credit Scores?

Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus, has announced they are now selling FICO scores. (FICO stands for Fair Isaac Company, the originator of the proprietary scoring system used by mortgage lenders and other creditors.) Before you race over to their site, there is an important piece of information you need to know. 199 more words

T-Mobile's brilliant move to win that other emerging market—the United States of America

DUBLIN, Ireland—Mobile operators are a perplexing lot. Despite owning an entire network and having privileged access to the subscribers on that network, they are so reluctant to engage directly with these individuals in a meaningful way. 541 more words

Cutting back, what's that?

The majority of my work life has been during the boom. The Celtic tiger meant never being short of work. Never watching my money. Never worrying about what’s around the corner. 551 more words

House Hunting

FACT SHEET: Safeguarding American Consumers & Families

Today, President Obama will build on the steps he has taken to protect American companies, consumers, and infrastructure from cyber threats, while safeguarding privacy and civil liberties.  690 more words

President Obama

The Three Truths of Home Buying

Most of us associate homeownership with freedom. Owning the roof over our heads is a matter of accomplishment and pride. Owning the walls around us means we can paint, wallpaper, tile, texture, and decorate however and whenever we want. 777 more words

Buying A House

"Checking Your Credit Report Will Hurt Your Credit Score" And 4 Other Credit Myths

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been talking with my friends or family members about credit scores (Hey — I never claimed to lead a thrilling life) when someone would say “I’d like to check my credit report, but I don’t want to ding my credit score.” This is just one of several popular misconceptions that many people have about credit. 704 more words