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So I ignore

The guy I talked about in an earlier post (the one who’s cheating) keeps texting me several times a day – every single day. Though I haven’t yet told him to leave me alone, I had excepted that the message would come across at some point as I haven’t been replying to his BS. 174 more words

Jules - Day 324 - Creep

I got the word “creep” in pictionary. This is what I drew: 

Jules cannot walk. He only creeps. It’s not his fault. He was born with that walk, the drooling and glasses are his own choice. 9 more words

365 Day Challenge

Will Creepers Stop At Nothing?

A very creepy man stalked Xue Wen and I a while ago. We were on the train and he was on the train too. During the entire time, he was staring at us, or one of us. 381 more words


Newsflash to the creeps and abusive assholes

You aren’t entitled to being in a relationship, no one is. No one deserves someone else for any reason. It doesn’t matter if you buy a person a drink or do nice things for them or compliment them or whatever. 916 more words

Solar Flares

It seems as if @KeshaRose is suing producer Dr. Luke. She wants out of her contract. Attorney @markgeragos is representing her

— The POPSUN (@thepopsuntweets) …

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Solar Flares

Creep, performed by Karen Souza

The lyrics are posted in a comment below, but don’t read yet!! Listen a couple of times before that, at least!


Welp, Here's Diego Luna Covering 'Creep' by Radiohead

What the hell is Diego Luna doing here? Diego Luna does not belong here.

And by “here” we mean “singing a Radiohead song.” But it happened and nobody can do anything about it. 110 more words