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Everyone deserves music.

So, I’ve been thinking a fair bit lately about music (surprise, surprise) and as I go through my music taste in my head I realise that a lot of the bands that I love come from other people who have introduced me to them. 337 more words


"Creep" Art

The piece is entitled “Creep”. The piece depicts a face in the willow tree. The project was to create the cover art for the poem… 14 more words


Nightclub Feels Like Home

In the silence of the night I let myself drift into a place where no one knows my name.
I am the only one here, surrounded by dark shadows that move to the beat of a distant song. 134 more words


a broken window

dusk creeps into the bedroom

old dog growls and snaps


It's almost 2015

I guess one thing about dating an older man, it teaches you how to play the long game.

You no longer want to have drama and big romantic gestures. 592 more words



When I went to see Nightcrawler, I hadn’t seen anything about the film; not a trailer, a news piece or even a comment about. I was expecting some sort of superhero thing, purely because of the name I thought ‘oh, Nightcrawler, Marvel right?’. 543 more words


Keep It On the Down Low

’cause she doesn’t know, that I know!

Sentimental Saturday -15th November 1994

(23 Million copies sold - Best-Selling Album by an American Girl Group)

‘Dreams are hopeless aspirations in hopes of coming true… 85 more words