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My what? Umm thanks?

You sir, are a master of pickup lines. You should teach a class.


Oblivious? Or persistent?

I don’t know if you are just clueless to the fact that I’m not interested? Or if you think I’m going to give in soon? Either way it’s awkward…


Societal Problems and the Bus

Touch me, feel these aching bones from this chilling cold. A threshold of resistance, of the fear letting go would let all the negativity come rushing in faster than dumb Americans rushing into Walmart for Black Friday. 409 more words

Bless the Archbishops!

Well, My Black Cat, do you know any doctors or witches who are able to accurately predict the death of a patient within six months – a patient who is being fed, watered and receiving treatment for their condition(s)? 39 more words



As I have said, my flirting event did not go as well as I would have hoped.

I am brushing that underneath the carpet it now – it has gone. 275 more words


casual sexism of the maestro


Last weekend at Tanglewood, a creep told Anne-Sophie Mutter her perfume was intoxicating, and asked her what it was, and persisted even after she elegantly refused to answer him. 345 more words