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So it’s been about a couple of hours sense my last post but let’s get serious for a second. I have something to just get off my chest. 84 more words

Dimepiece Late Night Creep Topic: Ladies, How Do You Feel When A Guy Grabs Your Butt in a Club? Guys, Why do you do that?

Good googly mooglyy, that thang is juicy! But does that mean you can just grab it?  Ladies, how do you feel when a guy grabs your butt in the club? 36 more words


Lobster dinner, anyone?

As startup folk, most time spent away from the desk gets devoted to networking. Yeah, it’s a little sick sometimes. Like with any other industry where relationships are key (umm, basically anything that requires human contact?), be it finance or fashion or media, networking events run aplenty. 877 more words

Cuando estabas aquí
no pude verte a los ojos.
Eres como un ángel,
tu piel me hace llorar.

Flotas como una pluma,
en un hermoso mundo. 116 more words