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Barkham Mills, East Sussex. UK. 27/08/14


I Am A Creeper

Okay, you know a real creeper probably wouldn’t say they are a creeper… but I’m not a real creeper (I hope) in the Urban Dictionary… 155 more words

Weight Loss

Gaming Journal: Week 34 (Creeper Backpack Adoption)

This week, mom is playing games while camping.

You get to see this review I had a super-fun-time making with my family instead of games. … 438 more words


Creeper - We Had a Pact

Just as I was thinking that with all these young 80’s clone bands around I couldn’t feel older…bang, the Green Day revival begins. Ok, it’s a decent enough tune, but Green Day were mightily derivative first time round.   10 more words

I Listened To This Today

Day 16: Gold

Her hair was golden, she looked like a goddess. The way her clothes clung to each curve of her body was hypnotizing. I wasn’t surprised that she was popular. 26 more words

Short Story