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I don’t generally “do” Christmas music. It tends to make me want to jam pointy objects into my ears. However, being the season, the occasional festive tune is unavoidable. 190 more words



On the support she is creeping
Walking slowly and sleeping
She is moving along gripping
Using bract she is not slipping


Creeper in Minecraft T-shirt

This is a memorable T-shirt. Creeper is on my T-shirt. I have Minecraft. Do you? Customize your own game T-shirt on www.laukexin.com

Minecraft anyone?

Any Minecraft fans out there?

All downloaded from Thingiverse.
Steve took FOREVER. Large, and the only nozzle I have working is 0.2mm

Tried printing multiple parts simultaneously, but each time was a complete failure. 30 more words

3D Printing

Stat Creeper

You are what you are
And I fucking love my friends
It’s gonna be fine.


Intarsia Hat

It turns out intarsia is quite fun!

Only, don’t try to do it in the round right off the bat.

My husband asked for a haircut so he wouldn’t “look like a bum” in all the pictures with our newborn. 134 more words

Yarn Projects

Boom Kid

I read a great blog the other day written by a professional blogger that writes about BMX bikes.  I have been following this blog since 2006 and always found the insight he gave into his personal life and his life within BMX more interesting than the actual BMX content he would post.   1,863 more words