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Creeper II

I wasn’t happy with the first version of this but this one is much more like what I had in mind.


Detective 418 - Batman hunts the Creeper

The Creeper makes his first appearance in Detective, but not his last, in issue 418 (Dec. 71), in a story by Denny O’Neil, Irv Novick and Dick Giordano, with a Neal Adams cover.  194 more words

Minecraft Blanket

My little brother is crazy about Minecraft, so I made him this blanket for Christmas. The lines don’t always meet perfectly but that’s okay, I worked hard and did my best and he won’t notice anyway. 369 more words


Polymer Clay Minecraft Mob Necklace

The holiday season gives us little time for anything save working, shopping, decorating, parties, and of course, wrapping presents; but everyone can make time for crafting! 496 more words

Creeper In My Apartment

I was browsing through my Facebook and this showed up!

Apparently this was real. This guy has been missing food and decided to set up a camera to catch the thief. 43 more words


Jasmine by richardkam - As seen on 500px

Commonly known as star jasmine, these versatile plants can be used in a variety of waysas climbers, as a groundcover, spreading bushes, or indoor plants. They feature attractive, glossy, oval leaves that are pointed at both ends, andas the common name suggestsfragrant, white, starry, jasmine-like flowers, in summer. 12 more words