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Mutants, creeps, muscle men...WELCOME! (weirdos welcomed as well)

As well as normal people, but I believe there’s no such thing, but I am derailing myself from this conversation, and this is a really, really long sentence, isn’t it, but I digress. 84 more words

Hand painted creeps shoes

These are older shoes that i painted last year. this was made with stencil paint. It is covered with hundereds of lines and with mini flower patterns, i wanted a goth feeling to it. 41 more words

The Art

Bad Dates Build Character (Or at Least Give You Good Stories to Tell)

Back in my single days, I dated my share of borderline psychotic unique guys.

There was Steve Bill (all names have been changed to protect each yahoo’s privacy), who, midway through a movie, stretched his eyelids open with his thumb and index finger and placed his eyeball directly on my bare knee. 726 more words

Stuff That Bugs Me

When to Hit a Person

I am surprised every time I have to explain this, but clearly more moms need to explain this, and often. 6 more words

Calling All Creeps

Spiders and witches

Ghouls and ghosts

This is the holiday

That I love the most

Cackles and howls

Fangs and claws

The fiends come out… 122 more words


Hidden Camera Shows Haunting Stares Women Face on Egypt’s Street

From Egyptianstreets

By Mohamed Khairat

“While once upon a time Egyptian men and women could walk carefree along the Nile River and on the bustling streets of Egypt, today women walking along the same paths often feel objectified: from the heavy eyes of men lingering around them and the misogynistic catcalls to the ‘accidental’ brushing of men’s hands on their bosoms. 116 more words

Naher Osten/ Middle East

Beware of Social Media!

Social media, the place where people go to vent, meet new people, catch up with old friends, and etc. Social media isn’t a bad thing, but it’s when others use it in the wrong way that it becomes harmful! 338 more words