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Innocence Again?

The other day, I discovered that there was an “other” section for messages in my Facebook message inbox (Yes, it took me seven years to come to this realization). 1,292 more words

The Fireman, the dumping and feeling a bit like Artax stuck in the swamp.

Ha, so it’s been a frustrating few weeks.

Last week had a date with a part time fireman. It was good fun, we got on well, I thought he seemed pretty decent – but guess what – he has not been in touch. 627 more words

Bridget Jones

Kate's Top 10 for 2014

Well, I am almost ready to give 2014 the boot, soon as I finish my Christmas knitting. (When I party, I party hard, thank yew.) Anyway, here’s some of my favorite albums/singles/whathaveyou, some from this year, some not. 917 more words


Creep City Bitch, Creep Creep City Bitch.

Just a quick rant. I may have slight preoccupation with celebrities. I might enjoy keeping up with the Kardashians and I might talk back to my podcasts, but there is one thing I’m not. 256 more words


This Creep Posed As A Victoria's Secret Rep To Get Photos Of College Girls In Their Underwear

“I work for the FBI: Female Body Inspector.”

It’s a trick that only works in movies (or in episodes of The Simpsons as “wallet inspectors”), but a desperate Iowa City man got female University of Iowa students to send him… 184 more words

Web Culture

How can the KKK still exist?

That is one of the most adorable questions that any of you have ever asked me. It’s right up there with, “Why do I have to learn long division? 280 more words