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it hasn't been long

but it feels like I haven’t blogged for a month. College is weird: I simultaneously feel like I’ve been here forever/this is the only life I’ve ever known, and like I just got here two minutes ago. 652 more words


Stranger Danger?

I rarely go out, have I ever told you that? There are some months within a year where I become the complete opposite version of myself, party my heart out, and go to wherever life takes me. 1,057 more words


Don't Be an Online Dating Creep

Everyone seems to be doing the internet dating thing these days. Unfortunately, the creepers who think they’re God’s gift to the world are ruining it for the people who may be taking it seriously and looking for something real.  26 more words


The Danish Pastry: The Indecently Exposed Edition

So, I’ve been sitting with the “draft” for some time because I have been trying to decide how I can make it funny without making it…. 215 more words

Investigative Journalism

Update on My Life

It’s been a while since I’ve done this and I miss it. It was a part of me, in a way. 

My absence has been due to school and my stress level. 474 more words

when does a creep become a criminal?

I don’t particularly like the term “criminal,” but I’m using it here for a reason. The reason is that this is the comparison that I’ve been given time and time again. 566 more words