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PLAY it SAFE with online dating

Although online dating can be tons of FUN

It is very important to “PLAY it SAFE

You never know who you will meet or what plan they have for you… 498 more words


Connecting With Each Other In A Connected World

Living in a world where everything is connected, it’s difficult to find someone that we truly connect with. Technology has brought many people together, while it has drifted others apart. 290 more words

Incel Misogynist Brags About Intentionally Knocking Women Down

Another day, another sad, angry virgin raging against women online.The relatively new blog Rants of an Incel is run by a “43 year old incel man” who rails against “the female collective” which committed the unpardonable crime of not throwing themselves at his feet. 641 more words


It's 4 months until I leave this town - should I stop dating, or go wild?

So – the deed is done – notice has been handed in at work – gulp.

I now have under 4 months to sort everything out and move 270 miles away to a new town in a new country, I am excited but also nervous. 981 more words

Bridget Jones


Tinder has got to be one of the most talked about apps of 2014, at least within my friendship circle. Before we start discussing the hilarity of Tinder as a dating app I must disclose that I have never downloaded it, however, I once drunkenly swiped for a friend. 404 more words

Night of the Creeps

On the way home, Laney and I separate from the group, walking hand in hand and kissing on every street corner, between sentences and giggles. I’m a drunken mess and she’s intoxicated with lust. 1,237 more words


The Five Men You Meet In Your Vagina

The One Who Can’t Communicate

This is most men. This is why you spent literally all of college watching guys play Call of Duty on the off-chance that one of them might fall into your vagina by accident. 1,815 more words