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Floripa & creeps.

Quite a mission getting to Brasil that is … 1 hour bus – got stuck for 3 hours on the border , playing games and irish dancing from Uruguay to Brasil , 6 more hours of bus , 1 hour break , 7 more hours bus and… I made it to… 665 more words


Lil Red Devil @CREEPS- CREEPS by Cubbins

Started the Collection of CREEPS portraits because I needed some Color in my house… and a little bit of weirdness too


Mix it up Girl! Fab & Jess Style

There is a little show on TV that I binge watch On Demand every now and then. I binge watch now because I’m sort of over scheduling my life around television shows. 847 more words


Mr. Heavy

“Alright honey, I’m gonna leave the light on in the hallway, okay? Sleep tight baby.”

“You don’t have to worry about me, mum, Mr. Heavy will protect me!” 24 more words


Week 11: Thirsty

The thirsty guys you see everyday in CSULB.

Best of...

surprisingly good…unplugged…makes skin crawl !!!