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I am at Schiphol Airport, in Amsterdam, en route to New York JFK. I finally have a bit of time to reflect upon the creeper stories that have occurred over the past few weeks, so here we go: 1,153 more words


The Man, The Legend, The Bullshit

This person, who is legendary only because of his own accounts of himself as a legend, is named Brien Rumley. This name has been changed slightly simply to afford slight anonymity, since he and no one he knows very well are likely to read anything, let alone a very obscure blog. 1,400 more words

Crazy Creeps - Now on Google Play and Amazon

Crazy Creeps has just been released on the Google Play and Amazon app stores. The downloads are already streaming in and people are leaving happy reviews. 284 more words


Like really??

Do I what? No… We’re not even friends?


Eww... Desperate much?

Are you just sitting in front of your computer waiting for me to accept your friend request?


Excuse me?

Ummm no. No nudes. Nope. Goodbye.


Where are my manners?

I’m sorry… Thank you for the compliment. Is that better?