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Creepy Pasta Barbies DreamHouse

Inspired by Devious Vacuum, Youtube page

Make sure to check her out as she’s awesome:

First terrible attempt at a creepy pasta

A Creepy Pasta… 756 more words

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Little Monsters in Your Dreams

Amanda, six years of age, felt the sting of restlessness as she heard Stephanie tell her dream. They did that every week – they called it the “dream club,” where a bunch of school girls from the 3th grade met to tell each other their best dream of the week. 728 more words



Tommy was always bullying her. “Pig” “Pig” he call her over and over again. The teachers and staff at school always ignore the twelve year old picking on his classmate, jenny. 386 more words

Creepy Pasta

Actualizari PULS ZERO - Creepypasta si blog

Prin acest articol doresc sa va informez ca denumirea emisiunii “Vivid Stories” a fost schimbata in “Creepypasta”.
Ce este “Creepypasta”?
Pe scurt, Creepypasta este o poveste scurtă care este postata pe internet. 13 more words

In the name of knowledge

As we preform vivisection on animals in the pursuit of knowledge, somewhere something just as uncaring does the same to us.

Creepy Pasta


Most elevators are sealed boxes, you feel movement but you can’t see it. Without the blinking lights or a way to tell the time can you tell how long you have traveled? 727 more words

Creepy Pasta

OS's and Scary Things

So recently I have been looking into getting a new Operating System because I was getting so many different kinds of AdWare from Windows 7 and things were just making me mad left and right. 314 more words