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The Uncomfortable Conversation (long)

Death.  Dying.  Funerals.  It happens to everyone but very few are comfortable talking about it.

(Trigger Warning: Death, Suicide, Cancer, Death of a Child)

I think it becomes more comfortable as you get older, not because you’re getting closer to the inevitable but you’ve had more experience with it.   3,287 more words


Honour in Death: the funeral customs in Star Wars

There are funeral customs represented in the Star Wars film, two to be exact: the first and most important one, which seems to be the most followed tradition, is that of the cremation of the body. 476 more words

Cultural Influences

Reflecting on the Trip

I buried my father on Monday.

It was warm, the sun was overly bright. I could feel it burrowing past my meager attempt at sunscreen. Not that it matters. 692 more words

My Father


I don’t plan on rotting in the ground when I die.  No, too little land left for my 6 feet.  My decision was cemented when 100 year old bodies floated down the Missouri during the 1993 floods.  332 more words


My ICCFA 'Best in Show'

Remember when Elvis sang, “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You?” I fell hard for this beautiful, tall wood and porcelain urn which I spied from across the room this past week in the… 35 more words


Normalville Part Deux

This is a continuation of the post I made earlier today…

Today was a busy day, which is good in that it helps keep our minds from focusing on the loss.   1,126 more words


Ashes to Ashes

we are skin, bone, sinew, sheath protecting
rushing blood, heart that beats, muscle,
what would happen if skin peels back
what would others see

our imperfections inscribed on concrete paths… 573 more words