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Resting in Green Peace

The Philippines being a country dominated by Catholicism, has maintained the tradition of burying the dead in cemeteries. Bulleted down this tradition are embalming, a wake, and providing beautiful coffins for their deceased loved ones. 1,666 more words

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Adam says – Epilogue, part 1: May Linh, Lily

Mr. You’s cremation was no religious ceremony, May Linh made sure of it. So it was just her and the kid and the undertaker, who didn’t know quite what to think. 1,561 more words

Adam Says

Varanasi - The Gateway To Eternity

Varanasi – the holy city of the Hindus is like a mirror image of Hinduism.

If you travel to India to experience Hinduism, it is essential to visit Varanasi. 750 more words

North India

From The Widow On Her Anniversary.

I would buy you roses today

If you had a grave to put them on

But you are ashes

“Ashes to Ashes”

And I am dust. 181 more words

Being A Widow

A Merry Christmas Card Tribute: The Perfect(ly awful) Family Update

Happy holidays and Happy Hanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and so forth and so on to my dear, dear friends and relatives!

It has been years since we have communicated, let alone exchanged a Christmas greeting to anyone.  693 more words

Human Experience

Ashes to burials

Vancouver burial plots are becoming limited within city cemeteries. Prices are rising for plots, which is having an affect on BC becoming the leading province of cremation.

Originally published October 14, 2014

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Hindu Dharma: Funeral Rites

Hindu Beliefs About Life After Death

Hindus believe in reincarnation of the ”atman” after death. For Hindu’s, death simply marks the separation of the soul from the body meaning it is only the body that dies whereas the soul is set free. 435 more words

Hindu Dharma