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Put This On My Tombstone! :)

When I die, don’t cry for me. :)

Cremate my body, and burry me under a tree.

Give me a tombstone that says “Here lies Chad Tabary. 35 more words


For Couples Wishing to Stay Valentines Forever

Well, we said “‘Til death do us part” until we realized that death doesn’t have to separate two people who long to spend eternity together. Indeed, the funeral industry is able to provide mostly lovely, always… 421 more words


The Cremation

After watching the small meteor burn up in midair, leaving only a few dark snowflakes of ash to drift gently down to the earth, the boy stared at the dark blue sky and remembered the smell of burnt coffee at the hospital and the smoke of the crematorium, and he said to himself as he walked home through tawny fields, haunted industrial marshes and arcane mineral streets of concete and cast iron, I am not made of stardust.

Everything Funeral From a Insider.......

Thinking about a career in funeral service?  Thinking about what happens after you die? What happens during a cremation? Thinking if you can move your dead grandmother to Springfield when you move? 237 more words

Williams River Services

Afterlife, Ashes...and a Kickline for Al Diamond

Today as I stepped out of the shower, my mind turned, in that untraceable-to-first-thought, how-did-I-get-here way that minds work, to the subject of cremation.

If I could tell you why I was thinking about this, I would. 517 more words


Amid the Ashes, Trying to Make Sense of an Alien Cultural Practice

At the Margibi crematorium near Boys Town, Liberia, the ground is shingled with buckets of broken bones. They fill containers and oil drums, casting shadows over the burial ground, and reminding nearby residents of the alien practice adopted at the height of the Ebola outbreak: cremation. 164 more words

Response Efforts

Making Hard but Necessary Decisions

No one ever wants to think about the day when they happen to lose a loved one and the stress of making funeral arrangements falls on their shoulders. 313 more words