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At the Crematorium

the white smoke

curls and coils

and drifts

like a wisp

of  your hair.

Blood red roses

thrive in bone rich soil

velvety smooth

and secret-scented… 8 more words


City of London Cemetery and Crematorium

by Sheldon

It was an October morning 1888 when an Elm Coffin left the City mortuary in Golden Lane.

This was no ordinary Coffin: and this could be verified by the thousands of people who lined the route it meandered on its way to the… 626 more words


A Funeral Faux Pas or Double Entendre

Do you remember watching ‘It’ll Be Alright On The Night’? A TV show showing all the times when people said the wrong thing, fluffed their lines or said something that they didn’t mean to that just came out funny. 1,028 more words

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'I'm only here for my inheritance!'

On this particular day the sky was full of grey clouds. Rain fell heavily as the mourners gathered, many of them openly displaying their emotions. As I stood outside the front door to the crematorium chapel a man who I hadn’t previously met edged up to the side of me, leant in and said quietly, ‘I’m only here for my inheritance!’ Somewhat taken aback by his comment and stalling for time I replied saying ‘I beg your pardon…’ He replied with the same words ‘I’m only here for my inheritance.’ 840 more words

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When we have to say goodbye to a daughter we shake our head like a three year old
we won’t give in to a candy, playground, not even a teddy bear.
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My journey to work takes me past a mental hospital (“not A and E”). It looks like a Victorian construction, like an overgrown church with the tall, thin chimney of a crematorium. 346 more words

Funeral Music - I'm Coming Up So You Better Get The Party Started!!!

Creating the right funeral service is a hugely important process.

However, this is often something that has to be arranged within just a few days, by people who are usually at their most emotionally raw, the challenge to capture their loved ones whole life and reflect that into what is generally a brief 20 minute service. 1,333 more words

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