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Our older daughter, Carol, loves to cook. During our recent visit to help her unpack, we thought that we would order a lot of take-out, but she insisted on cooking in the midst of unpacking, dealing with repairmen and installers, working as a full-time attorney, and serving as scheduler and chauffeur for many adolescent activities. 773 more words


Chapter 14: Week 11: A side of English

A side of English

The French people with whom I work are always smugly pleased when one of the two English-named (or so they think) dessert dishes they know of comes up. 1,153 more words


46/365 Red, White, & Blue

A little red, white and blue to show my American pride:)

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!


Gâteau St. Honoré

I think I’ve declared my unconditional love for French pâtisserie time and again and well, it’s also all over my blog, but I don’t get tired saying it again – I love French pâtisserie! 976 more words

French Desserts

Last-Minute Cherry Trifle

I have to end my meals with something sweet. Even if it’s just a piece of chocolate or a sip of liqueur, sugar represents a kind of closure, a signal that the meal is ended. 291 more words



Creme Anglaise is the French term for English Cream.  The English like to pour light custards over many of their desserts, and this recipe can be used with anything from Baked Alaska to Bread and Butter Pudding.   191 more words


Creme Anglaise

Everyone starts off in the kitchen somewhere, whether it’s spreading peanut butter thickly onto a piece of barely toasted bread, or stirring spaghetti tentatively with a long-handled wooden spoon and watching it relax into the water, or even scrambling eggs because the planned entrée for that night looks “weird.” In my case, I started with dessert. 961 more words