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Recipe: Crème anglaise


1 litre milk

8 − 10 egg yolks

200-250g sugar

1 (or more) vanilla pod(s)


This is not, as I repeatedly tell my students now, English Cream. 685 more words


Snow eggs (œufs à la neige) – with raspberry mousse

Snow eggs are wonderful soft light meringues atop creamy vanilla custard and served with caramel. They are a perfect end to a big meal and are about the easiest dessert to make simply. 1,332 more words


Pineapple Semolina Cakes with Saffron Custard & Candied Cashews

I’ve never really spoken about my love for Indian sweets here. I grew up in a house where ghee (clarified butter), sugar and dry fruits were used in abundance. 735 more words


Burger at the market

As I have said here before, lunch is the most important meal of the day. It divides the day in two perfect halves with a wonderful break in the middle. 288 more words



Our older daughter, Carol, loves to cook. During our recent visit to help her unpack, we thought that we would order a lot of take-out, but she insisted on cooking in the midst of unpacking, dealing with repairmen and installers, working as a full-time attorney, and serving as scheduler and chauffeur for many adolescent activities. 773 more words


Chapter 14: Week 11: A side of English

A side of English

The French people with whom I work are always smugly pleased when one of the two English-named (or so they think) dessert dishes they know of comes up. 1,153 more words


46/365 Red, White, & Blue

A little red, white and blue to show my American pride:)

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!