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Fancy Friday #82 - Watercolor

Happy friday. I have finally finished my three written exams for this semester. It was a hard week and I’m glad it’s over.

Today I’m playing with watercolor and was actually inspired by my methods book. 200 more words


Culturally Responsive Elementary Mathematics (CREME) is a project that demonstrates culturally responsive pedagogy and practices in elementary mathematics and evaluate their role in improving mathematical achievements of minority children. 20 more words


Nina Ultra Pro Salsa

This is an oldie but a goodie. I found these pictures when going through an old folder in my photo account online. I got 2 sets of some shades from the Nina Ultra Pro Sultry Samba Collection a few years ago and I remember selling one set off to a nice reader. 179 more words

Nail Polish

烘焙知识贴 - Crème Pâtissière

Crème Pâtissière(英文 Custard / 中文 奶黄),是甜品制作中常用的creme,并且可以与其他材料混合产生新的creme。Crème Pâtissière 分为两种,一种是较稀的安哥拉斯酱(Creme anglaise),另一种是相对浓稠的卡士达酱(Creme Patissiere)。

Crème Pâtissière 通常来说 有三种基本配方,不同点在于用FARINE (面粉) 或用MAIZENA (吉士粉) 、用全蛋或者蛋黄。

配方1: LAIT 奶 1L, SUCRE 糖 200-250g, FARINE 面粉 100g, 
      OEUFS 全蛋 4 (或者 JAUNES D'OEUFS 蛋黄 6)
配方2: LAIT 奶 1L, SUCRE 糖 200-250g, FARINE 面粉 50g, 
      MAIZENA 吉士粉 50g, OEUFS 全蛋 4 (或者 JAUNES D'OEUFS 蛋黄 6)
配方3: LAIT 奶 1L, SUCRE 糖 200-250g, MAIZENA 吉士粉 50g, 
      OEUFS 全蛋 4 (或者 JAUNES D'OEUFS 蛋黄 6) 52 more words

Mange fluer med få smæk (Rethink) part 2

Engang imellem møder man smil, der for alvor smitter. Sådan er det når man er sammen med Ole. Leif synes dog han skal prøve nogle andre brancher af. 497 more words

Nyd Det Gode

Sephora Formula X - X ♥ Rouge

This polish both delights and horrifies me. The fact that I have X ♥ Rouge means I have achieved Rouge status at Sephora… which is nice, since there are a few perks that come along with that, but simultaneously horrifies me when I realize I reached Rouge in  211 more words


Therme 24 Hour Cream & Serum

Therme kende ik vooral van de fijne showerfoams, douchescrub, bodylotion en handcrèmes. Toen ik laatst op zoek was naar nieuwe verzorging voor mijn huid bij de Op=Op Voordeelshop, kwam ik ineens twee gezichtsproducten tegen van… 533 more words