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meatless monday: arborio rice torte with fontina & mushrooms

Thanks to Italian culture (the nerve!) and to countless cookbooks worldwide, Arborio rice is forever associated with the creamy Italian rice dish called risotto. It’s a bit of a public relations problem, really. 871 more words


Cream of Mushroom Soup with Fresh Tarragon

This continues to be the season for warm, comforting soups. And no matter how hard you’re trying to shed some post-holiday pounds it may be worth it to splurge on homemade cream of mushroom soup. 363 more words



As Anne Burrell often puts it: brown food tastes good. I fully agree, but it is a nightmare for food bloggers. Why? Taking a good picture is quite tricky. 460 more words


festive crostini

A good many of us have been living at the “Do Drop In” these days.

For the past two weeks or so, doorbells have rung and we have opened them to the beaming smiles of unexpected friends and neighbors dropping off a plate of homemade Christmas cookies or, even better, a bottle of bubbly. 1,122 more words


Linguine with Mushroom Cream Sauce

I was planning to whip up a simple mushroom cream sauce pasta dish and wasn’t sure if I could find some good mushroom’s at the wet market. 323 more words

Hong Kong Food Blog

Earthy Venison Stew

This stew started with a recipe someone photocopied and gave to us years ago, which I adapted and simplified to fit the kinds of hearty, rustic flavors I thought better suited the venison. 431 more words


classic coq au vin

Since Christmas is coming soon, and I’ve been a very good boy, I decided to buy myself a little present.

I went ahead and bought myself a fancy pants French braising pan. 1,107 more words

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