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Creole Grill Cuisine

#CreoleGrill will impress you with two things; Our superb cuisine and our renowned St.Lucian hospitality #CocoPalm #SaintLucia


Digging into Dancing Crab

This year, we decided to celebrate my dad’s birthday at Dancing Crab, a seafood restaurant linked to the TungLok Group but more importantly, it serves Cajun seafood with a strong influence by Creole cuisine. 737 more words


Blan yo ap danse? (The blans are dancing?) Yikes...


Let’s come back to the drums (tanbou) for a moment. Something you’re sure to notice in Haiti is that rhythm resonates in every movement, creates a certain musical measure for conversation, and permeates much of Haitian existence; consequently, music appreciation doesn’t need to be taught (at least not formally). 481 more words


Creole Food at Restoration, Central

Restoration is a restaurant in Hong Kong that serves up Creole-inspired cuisine, a type of cuisine typically identified with New Orleans in the United States and has Spanish, French, and Italian, amongst many other, influences. 480 more words

Hong Kong

Go Creole Or Go Home

043 | Rabbit Gumbo

Prep time: 5 min

Cook time: 2 hrs

While in college I spent several years working as a waiter, and one of the restaurants I worked in was a small family-owned joint named Celestin’s. 534 more words


What's cookin', NOLA??

How’s your roux? Got your Holy Trinity chopped? Hot sauce at the ready?

I love New Orleans cooking. Cajun or Creole, it doesn’t matter to me. 713 more words