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Mid North Coast of NSW and a special meeting with special friends

As I have probably mentioned before, our trip is not just about seeing this beautiful country, it is also about re-connecting with old friends and about researching the Flannery family tree. 1,447 more words

More Than Just A Road Trip

Where to skate at Crescent Head?

There are not much spots to skate in this town, due to the super hilly streets and roughly paved roads. Most people skate from the surf beach to the shops or around the holiday park, and of course in the skate park too. 321 more words


Crescent Head surf camp

Our first time here at Crescent Head for a 4 days surf camp. Renowned for it’s surf break, this surfing town is a true gem. The vibe of this place and the deep historic surfing culture does it’s charm and draws regular visitors here; however, if you’re after somewhere quiet, this is not the place to be.  854 more words


Goon Stand

Nothing classier or more bogan than a goon stand on the beach lit by a bonfire and blasting dance music all night long. What a good weekend:)

Castaway Cora

Australian Guana

Taking a break from the surf by chasing down Australian Guana’s and pretending I am shooting for National Geographic. You never know what may cross your path here in Down Under.

Castaway Cora

Castaway Cora: MOJO Surf


8:32pm I arrive at the bus stop, getting picked up for our big surf trip with Mojo Surf! Drenched in sweat with my “Wild And Free” bald eagle tank and dirty beach towel, I sprint up the massive hill to get there on time, since our bus was supposed to leave at 8:30pm. 744 more words

Castaway Cora

11 scenic photos from where we'd rather be

Are you on holiday now, taking time out to smell the sea-salt crusted air or walking a cool, damp rainforest track to the sound of bell birds? 125 more words