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Week 153 ..... Rhyming Pigs Part 5

I wonder why the last piggy cried all the way home? I guess we’ll never know. What are your thoughts on why he cried wee wee wee all the way home? 12 more words

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The Worst Day of My Life

It finally happened. I had a day that I can officially classify as the worst day of my life.

So I broke a tooth over the weekend. 2,292 more words

The Chain

This post is specially for those Indian females who had always been pulled back by the dominating  sex.

The writer doesn’t wish to target or hurt anyone but dedicate a few lines to a separated woman who has to now think of her kids and their future. 125 more words

Poetic Perceptions

Numbers 12:10-13 And Moses

Although Miriam and Aaron had hurt Moses by speaking against him and judging him unfairly Moses still asked God to remove judgement off her because he loved her. 30 more words

Prayer Card

She cried out for God

She cried out for God when humanity omitted her skepticism
She cried out for God when nature caused her to stupefy
She cried out for God when integrity was a desideratum… 64 more words

Tough Trial, God Worked it Out

Back in 2002 my family went through something very difficult. It wasn’t fair, it was very hard, and my whole world got turned upside down. I was so angry at God and my heart was so broken. 133 more words


I Cried - Jacqueline Nash

I wrote this some time ago after watching a television program that really moved and upset me. It is strange that when something upsets us, without realising it, we don’t get upset about that one particular thing but our minds go all around the houses and we end up feeling upset and feeling the agony for the whole of the human race, or is that just me? 101 more words