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A little girl came home from a neighbor’s house

where her little friend had died.

“Why did you go?”, questioned her father.

“To comfort her mother,” said the child. 13 more words


Africa – was it nice there?

In the sense of weather, yeah, it was perfect where I lived.

As an adjective describing my childhood, nice is way too cheap a word. 20 more words


In the library, at a single desk in front of a black window, I looked up to see my face ghostly reflected. It was ghostly because of the black and white starkness that light shades in a window. 82 more words


Message of Hope

Today I gave a message of hope for a memorial service at a cancer center that I am a chaplain at.  It was a nice service.  964 more words


my life isnt sunshine and rainbows since the 8th grade

but I keep on hoping that one day I’ll know the true meaning of

Happiness.. I haven’t found it yet, even though on my Facebook I tell people… 163 more words

I want March to be over !!!

I just want this month to be over . My older sister is pregnant and about to pop in like 2 weeks so she is extra bitchy , she actually called me ” estúpida ” thats stupid but x’s 10 Because its in spanish . 231 more words

Cried for help

I was listening to Rihanna’s “What Now?” (Apologetic, 2013), which by the way is a good song. Quick, catchy writing that I should’ve thought of, mehhhh. 297 more words