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Spider-Man cleans up the streets of Dublin

On Dublin’s South Anne Street yesterday, this altercation occurred between The Amazing Spider-Man and some local scumbag…

Our city is a safer place with him out there patrolling!


Australia’s mass gagging order to cover-up government’s international corruption (#Australia #government #wikileaks)

It is something one would associate with a dictatorship or fascist regime, a mass gagging order on all Australian citizens, the press, and others issued on the 19th June by the Supreme Court. 534 more words

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A Soldier’s Poem (#war #conflict #welfare)

This is a poem from one of our visitors which relays the feeling of many soldiers around the world.

After dedicating one’s life to what one believes at the time is an honourable and just cause, many soldiers return to question the motives of those who are responsible for sending them into conflict. 991 more words

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Cops at risk when you're a distracted driver

Don’t expect a “break” when you get pulled over for distracted driving — cops are worried about public safety, as well as their own.

“You’re probably going to get run over or into an accident in your career before you’re going to get into a shootout, or into a dangerous situation where somebody’s pointing a gun at you or whatever,” said Ottawa police Sgt. 351 more words

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Savannah community tired of the constant violence

SAVANNAH, Ga (WJCL) – A scary few moments for people in the Savannah’s west side Monday night. Metro’s SWAT team was brought in after police originally thought a man was holding a baby hostage. 260 more words


Laptop thefts 12: innocent witness, treated as suspect

While the gaffer paid off his 2012 fine (see part 11), Saturday’s thug arrived (see part 5). Late of course, expecting me to shake hands, bleating he was bitterly disappointed I refused. 1,119 more words



It started off with a promising premise, until the plot went all over the place. It’s like the writer couldn’t make up his mind, then completely rebuilt the story at the last minute.   56 more words