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Explicit violence: is it necessary?

Interesting piece in the Telegraph this week about the apparent increase in explicit violence in crime fiction. I read a fair sprinkling of the genre, and know that I have learned my limits in what I choose to read, and to watch. 430 more words


Friend of the Devil, by Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson is a very competent writer of police procedurals.  There are sixteen stories featuring DI Alan Banks before this one (2007), and three more after it. 902 more words


Gods of Gotham- New York City

Set in mid-19th century New York, this is the tale of Timothy Wilde, a ‘copper star’ in the newly formed police force.

He comes across a young girl in the streets dressed in  blood-soaked night clothes and his first real serious case starts. 672 more words



Lars always swore that they had met before, but Eva insisted that the day he approached her in the campus cafeteria and awkwardly asked her opinion in choosing between the two lunch options was the first time she ever laid eyes on him.   315 more words


Book Review of Owen Laukkanan's Crime Novel 'Criminal Enterprise'

There are books you take your time over and there are books that take the reader over. Owen’s second novel Criminal Enterprise falls bulls eye whack in the centre of the latter. 1,138 more words


Naked Alliances: Book One: The Naked Eye Series, Cover Idea and New Blurb

A potential case offered by the former mayor of Orlando could give Richard Noggin P.I. the edge he needs to propel his business into the big leagues. 319 more words

Writing Process/WIPs

The Farm, Or It's Not As Nice In Sweden As You'd Think

A few weeks ago, Mr Litlove was under the weather and so he decided to distract himself with a book. He settled for The Farm… 919 more words