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The 12 Online Frauds of Christmas - Protect Yourself!

Samantha Hancock (Police, Pre Crime Unit Manager, Nottinghamshire) writes: As online retailers prepare for the busiest days of the year Nottinghamshire Police is supporting a campaign to prevent people falling victim to cyber crime. 426 more words



You have just read an article in a local newspaper about the increase in crime in your local area. The police are asking for advice from local residents about the different ways to… 30 more words


A very strong residential entry lockset

There are lots of entry locksets out there.  Once in a while I get calls to come and secure doors after break-ins.  When I explain to homeowners how easy it is to break through a door and actually show them the assembly and anatomy of a door and lock, the homeowners are usually shocked how easy an intruder can get through their door. 258 more words

Sussex Police Smashes Ruthless Gang Who Conned Elderly out of £250,000

Sussex Police has smashed a ruthless gang who preyed on elderly and vulnerable people in their own homes across the South East, defrauding them of more than £250,000. 328 more words

Crime Prevention

Neighborhood Crime Updates: Holiday Reminder, Attempted Robbery, Interrupted Vehicle Burglary

St. Francis Neighborhood: Yesterday, November 25, 2014, flyers were left on the doors of residents located on the 1500 block of Todd Street. This is a great reminder that with the holidays approaching, a variety of creative tactics are often used to gather information about you and the contents of your home.  558 more words


Are We Too Trusting of Uniforms?

Respect for Authority

Traditionally, we Brits have a healthy respect for those in authority or who are carrying out official duties.  Received wisdom is that those in positions of authority such as police, security staff, train officials and meter readers are there to help and protect us, enforce the law/rules or run a service.  732 more words

Crime Prevention