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Study: Enactment Of Medical Cannabis Laws Not Associated With Higher Crime Rates.

The enactment of medicinal cannabis laws is not associated with any rise in statewide criminal activity and may even be related to reductions in incidences of violent crime, according to data published online in the journal  349 more words

Medical Marijuana

The Dutch have done it again! Are we next in line?

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If rehabilitating prisoners and reducing crime rates were as popular as football and their fans, the UK crime rate would be dramatically different. 307 more words

Why group or individual cases of prisoners matter: thinking out of the box

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Offenders just like any other human beings have individual stories to tell and have their own reasons why they committed a crime. 350 more words

Reopening prisons, what is it telling us?

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The BBC today published an article about reopening the Chelmsford prison due to the increasing number of people being convicted. The prison was closed in 2013 to reduce cost, but it is now going to house more than 130 inmates. 99 more words

Want To Do Something About Global Warming? Get A Gun.

I knew it would happen sooner or later.  Since global warming is being blamed for just about everything that has taken place in the last few years, it was just a matter of time until it would become the… 643 more words


Sports: A Way to Promote Peace in Pakistan?

No one could have imagined that cricket, an Englishman’s game would rule over the hearts and minds of those residing in the sub-continent.

Eleven men make up a cricket team. 623 more words