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"Before Things Get Much Worse": We Must Address Racial Disparity In Police Shootings

Employees at two Walmart stores in St. Louis County, Missouri stripped store shelves of ammunition this week in fear of looting as protesters continue to fill the streets in the beleaguered town of Ferguson. 750 more words


2014 Municipal Election Campaign Material #1

I created this campaign literature on behalf of a candidate running for re-election as a Toronto City Councillor.  It was delivered to 68,000 residents in August 2014.


The Senator from San Quentin.

During the 1980s violent crime rose to new peaks. The murder rate in 1991 reached 9.8/100,000, about four times the rate in, say, France. A criminologist named George Kelling argued that the toleration of all sorts of little crimes or acts of indecency—even broken windows or vandalism or those homeless goofs at intersections trying to extort pocket change for cleaning your windows—created an atmosphere of disrespect for the law. 528 more words

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An Urban Turkey

Turkey: Urban Political Economy

” The Middle East has long been dominated by its cities.” Throughout the history of the MENA region, water has always been a scarce resource, thus naturally cities would form near water sources. 1,373 more words

On the Providence Mayoral Race

I’ve been silent on this since the early part of the primary season, but I thought I’d give my opinions.

  1. I don’t understand the desire to get Dan Harrop out of the race from the Democratic perspective.
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Crimes on Campus

In the last month of August alone I received 4 or more safety bulletins from the University of Louisville. This is not okay. As a commuter student I am able to say that I am comfortable when I come home from school. 276 more words

Campus Safety