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Interview you should not miss

There are always extraordinary people among us, but we happen to appreciate their remarkable qualities only when they become famous. Not all of them could reach the pinnacle, because opportunities and environment are not always work in their favour. 1,971 more words

Alex Markman

School of Hard Knocks


I still can’t believe it – I barely graduated high school and my teachers thought I would fade into the sunset. So much for opinions and everything for grit; I don’t recommend the school of hard knocks, but if you have to go, go big! 243 more words

Free Book Promotion - The Suspect and other tales by K. Morris

My collection of short stories ‘The suspect and other tales’ will be available to download for free on Kindle from the 25th – 29th November. 152 more words

Free book promotions

The following titles will be available free in the kindle store:

Samantha, from November 19th – 23rd November

Samantha tells the story of a young girl forced into prostitution in the city of Liverpool. 284 more words


Interview with Linda Cahill

Hi Linda how are you feeling these days?

Hi Karen, I am so excited to be in The Whole She-bang 2 a new anthology published by Toronto Sisters in Crime. 576 more words

Author Interviews

Lunch in the fast lane

This snippet of news about two speeding van drivers passing a drink across, mid-carriageway, on the motorway, caught my eye… and made me blink.  It’s not exactly ‘dumbest criminals’ territory, but it is pretty dangerous, and pretty conspicuous.  84 more words


Halloween... Hallo what!

Halloween one of the greatest of holidays. Alas this year was a little more low key then other years but I still celebrated by watching The Wicker Man, The Crow, a lot of Hammer Horror films, dressing up like an undead gangster’s moll and reading lot’s of creepy unsolved crime stories, which terrified me, its all fun and games until a lighthouse has no keeper! 27 more words