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The bottle shop job - part 3

The Grim Reaper might not have figured in Pat’s thoughts as he’d sat nursing his pint but a few of the Reaper’s friends had come to the pub that night. 716 more words


The bottle shop job - part 2

The incremental improvement in home security that Pat had learned about the hard way was the introduction of remotely monitored, miniature cameras. These little gadgets, discretely tucked away in out of the way places, allowed a security firm to respond to a break-in without the intruders being aware they had triggered an alarm. 1,003 more words


The Drop

This is a sedy slow moving crime story ,made very interesting because of the characters. Cousin Marv (James Gandoifini his last RIP) operates a dive bar that regularly serves as the drop spot for illegal money passed around between Chechnya crime bosses.  200 more words

The bottle shop job - part 1

This week I’m back in writing mode, and I’ve started on the journey that will produce the third book in the Inspector West series, for release in the second half of 2015. 559 more words


THE LATE SCHOLAR by Jill Paton Walsh

ISBN 978 1 444 76087 3

Paperback £8.99

I have always been a huge fan of the classic crime stories. When I was very young I devoured Sherlock Holmes, whose only failing was, so far as I could see, that he didn’t have more adventures. 678 more words



Here we are with Part 10 of our weekly crime serial, brought to you by author Gerald Darnell as part of the Carson Reno Mystery Series… 3,273 more words