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White House intruder Dominic Adesanya scales fence, caught by K-9 units after kicking one

An intruder scaled the White House fence Wednesday but was quickly pounced on by guard dogs in the latest scare since an armed man made into the executive mansion last month. 248 more words


Religion of Peace update: Canada addresses home grown terrorism

Violence calculated to intimidate Canadians after joining the war against ISIS jihadists meets strong resistance from PM Harper

 Unlike the United States where the word “terrorist” is verboten, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper swiftly described the perpetrator of a “brutal and violent” attack on the Parliament complex in Ottawa Wednesday as “ 255 more words

Those Dems

Year-long investigation takes down Ardmore Hoover Crips

ARDMORE,Okla. – An investigation one year in the making led the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, Armore Polcie and Federal Marshals to nine men. 284 more words


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Courtesy: Ardmore Police Department From the reblogged story:

“The problem around here is the gun violence, the weapon violence,” a community member said. “There’s nothing else for our young kids to do,” another woman says.

Well, the "young kids" in the picture could always read a book. But somehow I doubt it. And clearly observe that all arrested are black. Why are the police focusing on blacks only? Dem Ardmore po-lice, dey beez so raycissss.

World leaders react to Ottawa shooting

WATCH ABOVE: Prime Minister Harper addresses the nation following what he called a “terrorist” attack in Ottawa

WASHINGTON – Countless world leaders have walked that hallway before. 891 more words


Why Canada Is Under Attack by Terrorists

Most people probably reacted in shock to learn that Canada has now been hit twice by terror attacks against soldiers in three days. Many Americans probably think of it as our sleepy socialist neighbor to the north. 9 more words


Ottawa parliament shooting: What are Canada's gun laws?

A soldier was shot near Canada’s parliament building in Ottawa on Wednesday in an ongoing incident possibly involving multiple shooters. Canada has far tighter restrictions than the US on owning a firearm. 8 more words


Canada, The Idea, Is In Pieces

The soldier who was guarding the National War Memorial carried an unloaded gun. That was the policy, that the soldiers on the memorial carry a weapon but that it be unloaded. 8 more words