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Obama Condemns Killings Of New York City Police Officers

By Junior Mayema,

Um….since i arrived in the United States November 20, 2014, there are endless protests here in America about police brutality and killing of black men and kids here is the Hashtag about this critical situation over here… 459 more words

Sudanese refugee, with long record of run-ins with the law, murdered in Portland, Maine

His former lawyer anguishes over belief that the system fails refugee children.  This may be the first Portland murder this year, but it sure isn’t the first crime involving refugees in Maine in recent years.  588 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program


Between my love-hate-sexual tangible relationship with Joseph and the why-are-you-so-obessed-with-me platonic relationship with Justin; I have a job, I’m responsible for the well being of two dogs, I have a family that needs me and I visit often, I keep myself physically active, informed and I love to read. 332 more words

Australian gunman (refugee) got to Australia through Malaysia; US taking hundreds from Malaysia

Malaysia is a safe Muslim country.  At the time the Iranian “refugee” gunman got into Australia as an asylum seeker, the Australian government was pretty much “welcoming” all.  535 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program


I was leafing through BBC site and came across a term that I am unaware of…..SEXTORTION!  My first reaction was….”what the “f”?

Of course having a curious mind I just had to follow up on my curiosity. 329 more words


Danny Deacon, ex of Darwin mother Carlie Sinclair, arrested on suspicion of murder

They got him Danny Deacon , THE EX as most folks thought, after he allegedly returned to burial site, thank god for the family and friends who have fought so hard to keep the investigation alive, and the hard work at the NT POLICE force be those dedicated to find justice. 3,026 more words

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